5 Smart Tips to Prevent Distractions and Sharpen Your Focus

Everyone loves to stay in their comfort zone. Here starts the cause of distraction, making you less focused. The work is left on the other side, leaving you with a feeling of regret. No matter how strong the guilt to waste time is, it keeps on repeating. This creates a cycle of wasting time, staying in your comfort zone, doing nothing, feeling guilty, and repeating. The process needs to be broken when you feel like heading into the same pattern. If you want to be counted among the most productive people who are far away from distractions of the world, you will have to fight with distraction until you master over. Killing distraction saves the most important asset of life that is time, when you save time, you create more room for productivity.

Smart Tips To Keep Distraction Away And Focus

Try to master focus and keep distractions at bay with these five simple tips that will help you to lead a more productive life.

Start Slow

The success mantra to work on your focus muscle is to work on it slowly. If you are trying so hard from the first day, giving more focus time, the chances are that you might end up spending more time feeding your distractions. The starting could be arduous- you might even end up feeding your distractions every five minutes. It’s okay to do so. As you progress, shorten your distraction periods and start channeling them towards focus. Slowly you will observe that you are spending more time in your focus zone, and your distractions have dwindled comparatively.

Identify Your Distractions

When you know about your distractions, you can always find a way to deal with them. List down all the possible sources of distraction. Answer these questions while you jot them down:

  • Is it social media you are obsessed with? In this case, keep your mobile phone in other rooms, away from the place where you work.
  • Is it a crowded room, or are working around in a high-activity area? Try to find a room with less noise or if it’s not possible, get earplugs.
  • Do apps on your phone distract you while working?
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    Turn off notifications and move all homepage apps on your mobile to other locations where it is far from your touch.
  • Is it your thoughts? Write it down and the possible solution to the problem. This can halt your thinking process and let your emotions out, making you more focused.

Meditate, Exercise, Diet, And Repeat

The most ignored secrete to lessen your distractions and sharpen focus is meditation and exercise. Meditation can influence your mind, help calm down your thoughts, and identify unnecessary ideas. Exercise will help you build focus muscle. It furnishes the same benefits for your brain as your body. A balanced diet with nutrients makes your brain healthy. When your brain is healthy, you can exercise your brain with brain sharpening techniques. Health Canal published that cardio and strength training are two of the most effective alternative therapies for those who would like to improve behavior and concentration naturally, without medications. 5 minutes of mediation, 10-15 minutes of exercise, and a mindful diet can work wonders for your brain. You don’t have to attain mastery over the process, if not daily, commit to doing it every alternate day.

Take Breaks

Breaks re-energize if they are short. When you are involved in some brain activity or work, you use your brain’s energy. Don’t forget to give yourself a break, even if it’s for five minutes. Use that five to ten minutes to do things you love instead of grabbing a phone. If you are using those five minutes of scrolling social media, you will end up draining your mental energy. Do things that energize your brain in that period. If you are studying for 25 minutes, take a break of 5 minutes, and then start working again. You will notice that your focus and attention span has increased eventually.

Set Your Goals And Deadlines

Setting your goals defines your day. It gives you a fair idea of how you will spend your day. When you know you need to finish a task within set deadlines, you become more productive. Challenge yourself to complete a task in a shorter time. Make a list of tasks to be completed in a day, and appreciate your efforts when you achieve them.
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Shorter deadlines are more effective than long ones. Productivity started with focus and commitment. So commit yourself to be focused, and you will be produced automatically.


Distractions are easy to catch, and focus is hard to grab in an era filled with technology and stress. To level up your productivity, challenge and commit yourself to be productive. A good idea to take note of in this regard is to reduce stress and learn to manage it. Work on the tips mentioned above and track your results, you will start seeing results as you make it a habit.

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