5 ways you can earn money from comfort of home with carrom cash

Carrom has always been a popular indoor game among citizens of India. People across different age groups can participate and enjoy the carrom game. Even tournaments are held to further encourage the players to participate in this indoor game. These local carrom tournaments provide the winners with cash prizes, but these tournaments are held locally and at a limited capacity. 

Due to the pandemic social distancing has become the norm and as a result, people have not been able to play indoor games such as carrom, any kind of card games or 8 ball pool games. In these difficult situations, online gaming platforms such as GetMega come to the rescue. Even if you are barred from meeting people due to the COVID situation, you can always play online games with multiple people on board. 

Lucky for you, the online multiplayer gaming platform can provide you with such an opportunity. You will be able to play various types of games, such as carrom, rummy, pool, etc., with real players and surprisingly win cash as a reward of participation and winning. Yes, it is true that, unlike other platforms where you only win rewards such as coupons and cash prizes (which is rare) for winning a game, GetMega awards its users for both participation and winning the games like carrom cash and others. 

About Carrom cash in GetMega

Most of you already know of the carrom game and its rules. Moreover, there are multiple online gaming apps where you can freely play the carrom cash game. This board game which is a family favourite in India, is played between 2 to 4 players and 4 being the maximum number of players for a single game. 

The game is all about pocketing the maximum amount of coins possible and that too, before your opponent. As for the online carrom game, the rules are the same. There are three different coin colours, namely black, white and red (which is also considered a queen). If you pocket the red coin (queen), you will also need to cover it up by putting another coin in the pocket simultaneously. The final winner of the game is declared after calculating the total number of coins achieved by a player.  

This is a skill-based online multiplayer game where your ability to exercise precision and strategy comes into play. Carrom cash is for players of every age, level and skill set. All they need to do is aim, strike, pocket and repeat. 

5 Ways to earn money while playing Carrom cash

There are many online gaming platforms where you will be easily able to access and enjoy playing carrom cash, but the most appropriately enjoyable platform for enjoying this online board game to its fullest would be GetMega. GetMega has 100 percent verified real players who can play carrom together, and there is not a single bot available on the platform.

Play online carrom in GetMega to earn easy cash.

With the rapid development of technology and networking, most people in India have easy access to smartphones and the internet. And because of the same reason, online gaming platforms have become popular among the people of this country. 

The games offered by these platforms have become addictive because players can not only play these games for entertainment but also to earn cash rewards and coupons. But mostly, these platforms reward their player coupons instead of cash rewards. If you are willing to earn real money regularly while enjoying the carrom cash, then follow these five steps mentioned below.

1. Sign and Play Carrom in GetMega

As a multiplayer gaming platform, GetMega is different from the rest. Why? Because in GetMega, players are only matched against other players, not against any robots. This implies everyone has equal chances to win the match.

2. Interactive and realistic game interface with smooth controls

GetMega has a smooth user interface and even smoother controls. Playing games like carrom is entertaining, and the platform also brings in a realistic feeling. 

3. GetMega offers match tables for everyone who is willing to play the game. The game board starts from rupees 1 to rupees 100, and you can chip in more money to win big if you are confident enough. 

4. Supports are available for 24*7

If you are stuck somewhere while playing or there have been problems where your money goes stuck, the GetMega support team is always available for you to help you out.

5. Instant withdrawal after winning games

The withdrawal system of GetMega is very efficient, and after you win the cash rewards, you can instantly withdraw the money from your GetMega wallet if you are already done with the KYC.

With the proper skillset, you can easily win lots of cash rewards in GetMega. Many platforms first ask for money before providing you with the opportunity to earn from their platform and not to mention the entry fee can really be a hefty sum, and earning the same amount of money from their platform can consume a lot of your valuable time. But in GetMega, you won’t have to go through this unnecessary harassment just to enjoy the carrom, and you will also be rewarded handsomely for both participation and for winning. 

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