Exporting products to Russia can be a complex process, with many legal requirements for certification and registration. Among the necessary certificates are the SGR Hygiene Certificate, GOST R Certificate of Conformity, Fire Safety Certificate, Medical Device Registration, Pattern Approval Certificate, FSS Notification, and FAC approval. Furthermore, international certification is required, including specific certifications for Korea, China, and Ukraine. Technical documents such as passports and manuals are also necessary, adding to the complexity of the process.

In this context, obtaining an Exemption Letter can provide valuable support for companies exporting to Russia. This official document confirms that the product is not subject to mandatory certification or declaration. An Exemption Letter may be required for customs purposes or for sales in the Russian Federation, tender participation, or state procurement. It is issued by authorized Certification Bodies and contains the name of the product, identification signs, and technical information as needed.

The Exemption Letter is an essential tool for foreign manufacturers seeking to simplify the certification process and ensure compliance with Russian regulations. By working with reliable partners such as MASTCERT, companies can obtain an Exemption Letter that allows them to sell their products in Russia more easily.

The process of obtaining an Exemption Letter is relatively straightforward. To begin, the company must submit an application to the head of the Certification Body. The application should include company details, a technical description of the product, and the OKPD2 or TN VED code. The Certification Body will then issue the Exemption Letter, which will be valid for the duration of the regulations on which it is based.

In some cases, the Exemption Letter may have a specific validity period, typically one year. However, for a batch of products, the Exemption Letter may be valid indefinitely. The letter must be drawn up on an A4 sheet and certified with the seal of the Certification Body. Importantly, only one legal entity can be the holder of the Exemption Letter, and any product list can be included in a single document.

In conclusion, the Exemption Letter is a valuable tool for foreign manufacturers seeking to export products to Russia. By obtaining this official document, companies can simplify the certification process and ensure compliance with Russian regulations. MASTCERT offers a range of online support services to help companies navigate the certification process, including a configurator of EAC Technical Regulations, simplified certification checks, and price calculators. By working with a reliable partner like MASTCERT, foreign manufacturers can successfully sell their products in Russia while minimizing the complexity of the certification process.

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