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Perform Basic Analysis of a Campaign

To see the full campaign view, go to the Facebook Ads and Pages application, or if you’re still in the individual ads interface, click the Back button on your browser or click the View All Ads link on the left side of the screen.
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You’ll be directed to something that looks like Figure 6.3—the main interface for the Facebook ad manager.

That screenshot shows the results of campaigns we created across several scenarios. We used the same ad copy across all five campaigns to compare its effectiveness in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

We also ran a series of different subject-area ads to see how results would differ from more general ads we ran in 569641c06.indd 149 3/23/10 1:23:47 AM 150c h a p t e r 6: Month 3: Create De ma n d with Facebook Ads ■ different English-speaking countries. What you see in Figure 6.3 are the outcomes after running five ads for each campaign without having made any changes or edits. Overall, we spent $560.82 on 2,575 clicks for an average click-through cost of 22 cents per click.
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Although it isn’t calculated on this particular screen, we achieved just under a $0.20 effective cost per thousand impressions as well. By dividing your click-through cost by the impression cost and multiplying by 1,000, you can calculate exactly how many impressions it takes on average to generate a single click.

In this case, the answer is roughly 1,100. Why is this important? You can do the same analysis for individual campaigns or specific ads and use the metric to gauge effectiveness of your ad copy. Generally speaking, if it takes fewer impressions to generate a click, the ad copy is more effective, and vice versa.


If you’re particularly obsessive about costs, you can convert ads with better ad copy to impression-based ads and those with worse ad copy to click-through as long as the economics makes sense

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