A useful guide to playing and winning at online slots

There’s no doubt that when you play at an online casino, there is one form of game that stands above all the rest in terms of popularity. While you may find multiple forms of Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and others, these games offer much less variety than is on offer in the Slots section of the casino. There will be hundreds, maybe thousands of online slots there for you to take your pick from. Even if you played from now until the end of the month, you would struggle to get through them all. That begs the question: What’s underneath all of those interesting names and impressive graphics?

Slots games are essentially simple; you press a button, the reels spin, and when they land you hope that they put together a chain of symbols that wins you a prize. The games, which you can play on sites here, are varied enough that they can’t be summed up much beyond that very basic description, but in short: you’re usually looking at four or five rows of symbols, and five or six columns. Usually, if you have three or more identical or connected symbols side by side, that’s enough for at least a small win, and the more impressive a chain you get, the bigger the win.

Anyway, those are the basics – each slots game will have its own instructions for play, which you should read – but now for the important information: How do you get the most out of playing? For that detail, please read on

First of all, you can’t make it happen

No casino game is entirely down to luck, but equally they are decided by factors beyond your control. You can’t force the symbols to fall your way. You can’t, despite what some people claim, press on a certain button to slow the reels down and manipulate how they land. For all the difference it makes, you might as well cross your fingers as hold down the “HOLD” button while the reels spin.

Pick slots that have bonus symbols

More basic slots rely on simple chains of symbols to create payouts, and those payouts will be different multiples of the bet stake. So if you’re playing ten cents per spin, a basic win might be ten cents, a better win may be fifty, and a good win would be a dollar. However, more and more games have bonuses attached, and these can do great things for your payouts. If a set number of bonus tiles fall, you will enter a bonus round where you can win many times your original bet, so don’t turn that chance down.

Don’t play on auto

There is a myth that using the auto-spin function makes you less likely to win. A myth is all that is – it makes no difference at all to your chances. However, it does prevent you from adequately keeping track of your bankroll. Pressing the button to spin yourself means you’re involved and making a conscious decision, and you’ll let fewer spins go by without any return. Winning on a slots game is as much about keeping your kitty under control as it is hoping for a big hit.

Don’t just bet on one payline, but keep the amount small

This is a fine tactical consideration: you can increase the amount of each bet, and you can increase the number of paylines that are active. Each of these will eat into your bankroll to some extent, and if you place big bets on with all of the paylines active it will devour your bankroll. As much as we all like a big payout, it’s not as likely to happen as a bunch of small ones. Prioritize keeping those paylines active, but remember that you’re going to need to be spinning possibly dozens of times. The bigger your bets, the quicker it drains your account.
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Avoid believing “secret tips”

Any advice that begins with the phrase “the casino doesn’t want you to know this…” can be disregarded. The casinos are completely honest about the fact that it’s hard to win much on slots. They even tell you what each machines Return to Player Percentage (RTP%) is – and it’s less than what you put in, generally. They do not hide anything from you. You can’t “game” the algorithm that decides how the tiles will land. You can waste a lot of money testing out what amounts to little more than conspiracy theories, so avoid that from the beginning.

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