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We can’t deny the influence of online bookies on the betting business. They’ve made the whole ordeal a lot simpler and more accessible. Understandably, this has caused a lot of newbies to join up and start wagering without much guidance.

Others recognize their lack of knowledge and experience when it comes to wagering. So, they decide to seek the help of professionals. That is where sports handicappers come in. But what are sports handicappers, and how can they help?

What are Sports Handicappers?

Perhaps you can already gather based on the name, but sports handicappers do their best to help out newbies with future outcomes in the betting world. For example, a sports handicapper might help you pick the right odds to wager on.

They also could be the ones creating the odds for you. There are also handicapping services that help you choose the best offshore betting sites where you can find excellent odds. Many handicapping services also use prediction algorithms to predict the outcome of a match. In this article, we’d like to review some of the most popular sports handicapping services available online.

Sports Betting Odds

The simplest handicapper service is the sports betting odds at any of your favorite bookies. Many best-ranked sites get praise because they have fair and enticing odds. Certainly, we could call the odds makers behind them handicappers.

There is no denying that online bookies have changed the concept of odds-making. Once upon a time, odds makers huddled together in small rooms to hell over each other about numbers that most fans could barely understand. Today, odds are clean and simple to read, and most have access to all the knowledge they need online.

Bet Types

Online sportsbooks have had a very significant impact on the betting industry, as we’ve already established. One of the most important changes is the introduction of numerous betting types to a broader audience. Among them, the handicap bet is one of the most significant.

We all understand there is always a favorite and an underdog when two teams clash. When placing basic moneyline bets, the favorite will always have the advantage. Through handicap betting, bookies even the playing field and give fans of the underdog team a chance to win, even if they bet the wrong horse.

Sport Picks

One of the simplest forms of handicapping is simply hiring somebody to guide you through the betting process. The person is there to share the best sports, team, player, or athlete picks with you. If you ask them, they will tell you about the best bet types and even the top payment methods, whether crypto or digital wallets.

Sports picks are a great option for newbie sports bettors who don’t have much experience. The best part is that the more you bet, the better you will become, so you likely won’t need the handicappers anymore. You will simply know, intuitively, what the right choices are.

Predictive Algorithms

We are now entering the “complicated” territory. We have to look at and discuss predictive algorithms for the last entry. By gathering data and information on an upcoming match, certain handicappers with technical know-how can create algorithms to help predict the outcome.

These algorithms are only sometimes 100% correct. Many times, they come up with a different prediction. However, they are still helpful tools that can give you an idea of how things will go. As cyber technology develops, we expect that predictive algorithms will improve drastically. We might even see a day when they are entirely correct about a match’s outcome.


What are handicapping services?

Handicapping services help new and seasoned sports punters understand, bet, and make predictions better. The term can encompass various things, from predictive algorithms to simple odds-making.

Is it possible to bet online using cryptocurrency?

Absolutely. Many of these online bookies have fully embraced the cryptocurrency trend and now accept crypto like Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, Ripple, and more.

Are predictive algorithms always correct?

Not. We are still at a point where predictive algorithms can predict the outcome of a match with 100% certainty. However, they usually give great information that might have slipped past the average bettor.

What is a handicap bet?

A handicap bet balances the playing field (so to speak) between the favorite team and the underdog. For example, rather than betting on who wins, you could bet on the difference in points between team A (the favorite) and team B (the underdog).

What are the most popular types of betting odds?

There are three main types of betting odds, the popularity of which changes depending on your location. In the United Kingdom, fractional odds are the most popular. In Europe, it’s decimal odds. However, you are most likely to find moneyline odds in the US. 

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