As Cricket Grows Globally, Fans in India Deepen Their Connection

Cricket is mainly a sport in some of the countries in the British Commonwealth.
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India, Pakistan, South Africa, and England itself are some of the biggest proponents of this sport. However, it is virtually nonexistent in many places as well. If you read the writing on the wall, you can see that this is beginning to expand geographically, all while people in India deepen their connection to the sport. 

Main Goal: USA

The United States seems to be the main target of the International Cricket Council. They have awarded the US with co-hosting privileges for the global T20 World Cup. Along with the West Indies, the United States will begin to shine as a cricket center. This would be four years before the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, where cricket may make its Olympics debut.

All of this points to a watershed decade for cricket in the United States. Given how important the United States is in terms of the global economy and media centers, this could be a strategic turning point for cricket in general.

However, cricket has made this international push before, and with mixed results. Investing time and money and having international games aligned is not a guarantee for success, as we can see clearly from cricket’s relationship with China.
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Cricket in China

While the United States seems to be the main target for the strategic expansion of cricket, China is also a huge and growing market. Given that these two nations are so important in terms of finance and population, cracking into them would be huge for cricket.

In the 2000s, the Asian Cricket Council deemed China a “special project.” Cricket was included in the 2010 Asian Games, held in China, and the Chinese women’s team finished fourth.

However, there is relatively little cricket tradition, not many expats from commonwealth nations and bureaucratic hurdles to getting permanent ICC staffers there. Cricket is back in the 2022 Asian Games, also to be held in China. 

Hong Kong, on the other hand, has a stronger connection to the commonwealth and, therefore, a stronger cricket tradition. Many are eyeing Hong Kong as the starting point for a connection with mainland China. While cricket is working to get a foothold in the Chinese market, the country many of us associate with cricket, India, is quickly changing its relationship to this sport, mainly through new websites and increased advent of technologies.

How It Is Changing in India

India is deepening its relationship with cricket matches. These days-long events have long been a focal point within Indian culture, but a few things are changing this relationship and allowing it to take hold in new ways. They are mainly technological. The growing access to television and the internet are paving the way for new relationships between Indians and cricket. 

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Another way things are changing is that more and more are tuning in to television and getting their updates live on their telephones, or downloading the latest cricket videos. While the love and passion for the game has not changed, the ways they are able to access and enjoy it have! 

ICC and Its Global Growth Strategy

One of the reasons cricket is growing so much could be because the International Cricket Council unveiled last year its plan for global expansion

One major prong of the strategy is to invest in women’s cricket. They also plan to expand to more fans around the world. Another plan is for the ICC to push for cricket to be included in the Olympics. Given that it is the second most popular sport globally, it is surprising that it is not yet included. 

They also plan to expand through their ICC Cricket 4 Good program, which seeks to better the lives of children and families worldwide. They also plan to focus on entry-level programs, as they are looking at the long game.

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