Categories and uses of ladders in Kenya

Do you always have problems climbing different heights? Are you a painter but you cannot reach the tops of the buildings when painting? Do you always find it difficult in your landscaping projects that are out of your reach? Relax, take it easy. The use of ladders is the solution to your problems. With ladders, you can reach different points of different heights.

People are of different statures, some of them are tall, and some are short.
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In the past few years, some people got disqualified in some jobs due to their heights. Mostly, short people didn’t find favors. Jobs like painting and changing bulbs required tall individuals. Thanks to the introduction of ladders, short people are no longer discriminated against due to their heights. Read through this article to find out different categories of ladders in Kenya.


Are you looking for a step ladder for sale in Kenya? Get to know that step ladders are the most common type of ladders almost used everywhere; in homes, workplaces, etc. This type of ladder takes a design resembling an inverted “V.
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” Most people choose this type of ladder because it does not require any support. You can also fold it, making it easier to transport. You can use step ladders for painting, landscaping, and changing bulbs.

Straight ladder

A straight ladder is another type of ladder that almost resembles a step ladder. This type of ladder is also called a single ladder. As the name denotes, straight ladders are straight and can not work without any support. Therefore, single ladders need firm support like walls to function effectively. These types of ladders work well in projects like roofing, exterior maintenance, and construction.

Platform ladders

What if there is a limited or no step step ladder for sale in Kenya? Will you stop your projects? Ladders like platform ladders can also take the position of the step ladders in case of such inconveniences. Unlike other ladders, the platform ladder is self-supporting and allows users to stand on top of this ladder. You can use a platform ladder for construction, painting, and landscaping.

Extension ladders

The extension ladder resembles a straight ladder; hence can not operate without support. The difference between a straight ladder and an extension ladder is that it has adjustments to increase its height to more than 60 feet. This type of ladder is used for projects like roofing, maintenance projects, and the construction of tall buildings.

Trestle ladders

This type of ladder is also called a double front ladder. The advantage of this ladder is that it can support two individuals at a go. Additionally, it’s a self-supporting ladder and portable. The ability of this ladder to support two individuals favors people who need to work together as a team.
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Multi-way ladders

The multi-way ladder is another type of ladder that is most convenient and cost-effective amongst other ladders. It’s used in renovating homes, maintenance, and exterior projects, among others.

To conclude, it is evident that aluminium ladders are of great help in accomplishing different projects. It is upon you to choose your ideal type of ladder that suits your project. Choose wisely.

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