Closure wigs lovers please come in: 3 styles recommended


Closure wigs are one of a variety of lace wigs. In general, closure wigs refer to lace wigs with a lace area of 4×4 or 5×5. The lace portion of Closure wigs are generally located in the center of the forehead, which allows the wearer of the closure wigs to center their hair. If you are a lover of closure wigs, then read on and I will recommend you 3 styles of closure wigs.

3 styles for closure wigs

Deep wave

Deep wave is actually a very popular and beautiful look. The Deep wave style is just like its name suggests, with the hair tumbling forward like an ocean wave. When you wear a deep wave closure wig, people will be drawn to your stylish look. In natural light, your frizzy hair is like cascading waves that make it impossible to look away.

Body wave

Body wave is a more flashy option. In general, body wave closure wigs need to be properly adjusted with a curling iron before you go out.
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Some women may use a styling wax to make the body wave’s curl appear more exaggerated. Some women may use hair oil to make their body waves look more shiny. All in all, body wave closure wig will be a perfect choice for you to shine. Gorgeous, noble and elegant, this is what the body wave closure wig can give you.

Bob style

Bob styles are a very beautiful hairstyle for short hair. If you like a crisp look and want to look more refreshed, then closure bob wigs must be the way to go. On the one hand, the closure lace blends into your scalp, giving your hairline a very natural look. On the other hand, the excellent cut of bob wig will make you look more powerful and release your femininity.
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Especially when you tuck the end of bob wig behind your ear, this moment will make all men who see you pound the heart.

Tips for maintain closure wigs

After purchasing closure wigs, the question many people face is how to care for them. Actually, taking care of closure wig is not a difficult thing.

  1. The first principle you need to follow is this: Treat closure wigs like your own hair. Specifically, you shouldn’t rip your closure lace wigs. You also shouldn’t over-twist your wig.

    Gentleness is the best way to treat wigs.

  2. Cleaning is necessary. Cleaning once a week is the most reasonable option. This will keep your closure wigs from getting dirty and damage the wig from over cleaning.
  3. If your closure wig is a small curl wig, such as deep wave or afro curls style. Then I suggest you use a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair. The Wide-tooth comb minimizes damage to the hair’s frizz during combing and reduces frizz.
  4. It is necessary to use conditioner. Regardless of the style of your closure wigs, the conditioner will make your hair softer and less tangled than before. Of course, the premise of all this is that the wig you buy is a human hair wig and not a synthetic wig


This article recommends three closure wig styles suitable for different scenarios. You can decide which kind of closure wig you need more according to your own needs. Finally, I wish you a new step in exploring your own charm.More Info About Cubita Now

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