Commonly Asked Questions During A Visa Interview For US

The visa application procedure involves four basic steps. These include completing the application form, submitting documents, making the fee payment, and, lastly, the visa interview if required. Not every applicant has to appear for the visa interview. There are only certain types of visas that require a visa interview. 

Based on the purpose of travel, the applicant’s nationality, type of visa, duration, and other factors, the applicant may or may not be required to give a visa interview. You can ensure that you ace the interview without any unintentional errors by practicing with an immigration attorney in beverly hills, ca first. Here are some of the most asked questions in a US visa interview.

Commonly asked questions during a US visa interview

  • What are your reasons for traveling to the country?

When this question is posed to you, you have to mention the purpose of your travel. It could be anything like a tour, a friend’s marriage, medical treatment, education, and so on. The purpose of the trip should be answered unambiguously. 

To support your purpose of travel, you have to provide documentary evidence. For example, if it is an educational trip, you can show them the acceptance letter of your college.

  • Have you been to the US before?

You have to answer the questions honestly. If you have ever been to the US, tell them your purpose of traveling, such as medical reasons, training, tourism, etc. If you have ever stayed more than your visa validity, been detained or deported, answer honestly. It is of no use to lie since the interviewer has all the information already.

  • Where will you be staying?

The applicants need to mention their intended date of travel to the US. You will need to provide the tentative traveling dates based on the purpose of travel, visa type, and staying duration. You have to mention the details of the address where you are planning to stay, the type of residence, etc. 

  • Where do you stay in India?

One of the most essential questions to be asked in a visa interview is: what is your residential address? You have to provide the interviewers with the details of your residence, place of residence, residential address, etc. 

You might be asked about the duration of your stay in your residential address. Also, you have to provide some basic information about yourself, like the languages you speak or know.

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