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Dhruva Sarja Whole life and career in a short view:-
This is one of the young talent of the Kannada film industry who started to working in the cinemas recently but successful to grab the eyes of the audience. So we are going to uphold the life and career of this actor in this article by which our readers will come to know about this clearly somehow. This person we are talking about “Dhruva Sarja” when he was young, watching a movie with his well known uncle “Arjun Sarja” and told him that he want to become a Hero. His uncle replied saying that “before becoming an Hero you should be a good actor” same time suggested him to took part in some training classes.
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Then “Dhruva” joined all training classes somehow and prepared himself for acting. Once he heard about an audition call for a lead role of “A. P. Arjun ‘s” new movie. He attended the audition with all his sincerity and got selected. Until he got selected, very interestingly he didn’t reveal that he is a nephew of “Arjun Sarja”. This actor debuted in films with Blockbuster film “Addhuri” in the time of 2012. His upheaval of “Arjun” as the male lead opposite “Radhika Pandit”, received praise from critics. He signed his next film known with the name of “Bahaddur” along with his close friend “Chethan Kumar” in the time mof 2013, acting again opposite of “Pandit”.
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The film received a huge commercial success and in the month of April of 2015 he signed for “Bharjari” which came to released in September of 2017 which became mega blockbuster by giving Hattrick success to “Dhruva Sarja”. His next film has been named as “Pogaru”.
So far we have information about this man, he is still working for several movies in the same time and if you are looking for more information about this man then we are going to suggest you to keep searching on about this man in the online source specially on those where person like “Dhruva Sarja” keep them active only for the fans.

Dhruva Sarja Movie List::

Movie Name Year
Banta Upcoming
Pogaru 2018
Bharjari 2017
Bahaddur 2014
Addhuri 2012

Dhruva Sarja Awards:

Now lets take a short look on the names of the films in which this person had acted so far and the same time the names of the awards he gained.

Addhuri (2012) “Udaya Film Award for Best Debutant”, “SIIMA Award for Best Debutant” and “Suvarna Award for Best Debutant”

Bahaddur (2014) this one was nominated for “SIIMA Award for Best Actor”

Bharjari (2017) and the last is coming in the next year “Pogaru”

Thats all so far about this person and it is better to say in the same time that, back up or family back up is not the only thing by which one can gain a place in the film industry but someone must have talent inside him to continue his career in the film industry.

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