Experience Of a Lifetime: Why You Should Go On a Sailing Holiday In Southern Europe

Southern Europe boasts a pleasant climate, plenty of sunny days throughout the year, great gastronomy and a clear sea. If you want to get to know its beauty from a completely different point of view and visit as many places as possible in the shortest possible time, rent a yacht and go on a cruise. You can choose from three of the most popular Southern European destinations.


Greece is a wonderful destination that will surprise you every time you visit. There are in fact thousands of islands and islets in Greece, of which more than two hundred are inhabited. That gives you a perfect opportunity to discover new places every day. Another reason for visiting this country is its delicious cuisine, as well as picturesque white-blue towns and villages, historical monuments and beautifully clear sea. It does not matter if you are an experienced professional or a complete beginner, yacht charter in Greece makes a perfect holiday choice for everyone.

The Most Popular Sailing Areas In Greece

There are many sailing areas in Greece that are definitely worth visiting. Here are some of the most beautiful of them: 

  • Corfu,
  • Lefkada,
  • Mykonos,
  • Zakynthos,
  • Skiathos,
  • Skopelos,
  • Paxos.


When sailing in Italy, sometimes you will feel just like if you were in the Caribbean – sandy beaches, diverse coastline, beautiful bays and a number of completely deserted islands. In general, yacht charter in Italy is pretty affordable. If you want to save some money, you should avoid chartering a yacht during the peak season from June to August.

Places You Should Not Miss When Sailing In Italy

What places are worth to visit when sailing along the Italian coast? 

  • Sardinia,
  • Elba,
  • Sicily,
  • Capraia.

You can spend two weeks exploring the beauties of Sardinia. On Elba you can visit its highest mountain and enjoy a unique view it offers. Sicily is the largest of Italian islands and it seduces tourists with its natural wonders and the best street food. Capraia, on the other hand, is famous for its clear water which makes it a perfect place for diving. 


The third most popular destination for sailing in the Southern Europe is Spain. Since the Balearics and the Canary Islands also belong to it, everyone will enjoy the cruise. The Balearic Islands are perfect for beginner yachtsmen who prefer easy conditions for sailing, while adventurers who already have a lot of experience usually head to the Canary Islands for the open ocean. 

What can you look forward to when sailing in Spain? To the nightlife, great wine, untouched nature and the vibrant life of Ibiza. While sailing along the mainland, you can visit a number of important historical cities and visit famous historical buildings.

Places Worth Visiting In Spain

If you sail along the mainland coast of Spain, you should visit the following cities:

  • Barcelona,
  • Valencia
  • Cartagena,
  • Malaga.

If you go sailing to the calm waters around the Balearic Islands, you have a choice of three main sailing areas, which are the three main islands that make up the Balearic Islands:

  • Mallorca,
  • Minorca,
  • Ibiza.

Experienced professionals who are not afraid of sailing on the open ocean will definitely head to the Canary Islands, where yachting regions are again divided by islands and it is therefore possible to visit each of them. You can choose from the islands:

  • Fuerteventura,
  • Lanzarote,
  • Gran Canaria,
  • Tenerife,
  • La Palma,
  • La Gomera,
  • El Hierro.

Which of the southern European countries attracts you the most? Will you spend this year’s holiday cruising around Greece and its many islands and islets? Or do you prefer Italy and want to follow in Napoleon’s footsteps? Or will Spain win your heart with its peaceful or, on the contrary, wild voyage?

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