Factors at play in the increasing trend of people moving to Noida

If you look at the real estate demographic of present India then you will definitely notice a change. In the last few years, there has been a sudden growth in the demand for residential properties in Noida. And this has resulted in an increase in the flat rent in Noida and the number of people looking for rental properties in that area. 

Now you may think, how does that work? If the property rental cost in Noida is on the rise then why are more and more people still trying to move to this city out of all the other ones? See, even though the rent is increasing due to a high demand it is still way less than the flat rents of other cities. Moreover, the individuals who are making the conscious choice of moving to this city, understand one thing and that is, this city is growing rapidly. From high-end real estate buildings to international schools and hospitals the list of Noida’s development projects is endless.

Moreover., this is genuinely not all there are many more reasons why more and more individuals from all around India and the world are choosing Noida to be their next home. Let’s look at some of those factors which are the reason behind this change. 

  • The city is aiming at becoming the next IT hub – Even a few years ago, the entire picture of Noida was very different, but that has changed a lot and now even the big companies of the world are opening their branches here. Moreover, the geographic location of Noida is also playing a huge role in this development and it won’t be much longer that Noida will be competing with other cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad in becoming the IT hub of India. And this rise has also resulted in creating many job opportunities in the city that has further attracted many job-seeking individuals to move here. 
  • This city is much safer than others – One of the many things that one considers before moving to a city is the safety quotient of the place. Let’s be honest, money comes and goes but at the end of the day, we all want to stay safe. Well, the good thing is the crime rate in Noida is very low which has worked well in increasing the number of people moving to this city. Moreover, all the residential properties in Noida have a high level of security, with CCTV surveillance and 24*7 security personnel. 
  • The connectivity of this city is pretty high – Well, Noida is a planned city and the minds behind it have strategically planned it in such a way that has helped in increasing its connectivity. May whichever area you pick to rent a flat in Noida, you will have everything from schools to hospitals in your close proximity. Moreover, some of the projects that have helped in increasing its connectivity and fueling its growth are the NH-24, Yamuna Expressway, and the Magenta Metro Line, and within a few months, something that will add to the list is the Jewar International Airport. 
  • The rent of the property is lesser than in other big cities – One thing that you will definitely notice if you ever check the real estate market of Noida is that the flat rent in Noida is much lesser than that of other cities. This is because this city is still in its growing phase and the population of Noida is lesser than other big cities, which has definitely helped in keeping the cost of rent affordable on average. 
  • The city is very close to the capital of India – One of the biggest reasons behind the development of Noida is its close proximity to the capital of India, Delhi. This is also a big reason why many people who don’t want to live in a crowded place like Delhi, choose to live in Noida. 

Final Takeaway

The number of people moving to Noida is increasing day by day. So, if you also want to move to this city while it’s still in its growing phase then you check out for the available options of rental flats in the area.  

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