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Finding a name for your baby ? Which is perfect and stupendious ? It indeed is a task of hardwork and here is this article which would make your task a little more easier and smooth … You would discover a few names which we think are trendy , unique and would give your baby’s personality a unique aura for sure. 

Let’s begin… 

  1. Raha Name Meaning

If you are some who are a high follower of ethnicity and religion then probably this name is for muslim girls however if you are some who can lookout for names irrespective of its ethnicity and follow up then you should go with this name for sure. 

Meaning of Raha probably means peaceful . So this name is perfect if you want your child to be at peace , calm and cool by nature. This name would surely add positivity your child’s life and would enhance their way of thinking too. Parents who want their children to be unique , smart and to own individuality should surely go with this name. Simple yet kind are the words that could describe this type of name in a go .Someone who is leader and a free thinker , these kind of people can come under this name category. A person with this name is highly visionary and creative and tend to make a lot of money too .They do everything with perfection . Raha Name Origin is from India, Someone with a sure mindfulness and visions. They are actin taker , bold and highly determined as well , also , they are good at sports and are known to be athletic.So give this name to your baby and keep your heads high. 

  1. Zion : a baby boy name 

Zion is a name of Hebrew provenance that is gender-neutral and connotes the idea of a paradise on earth. Zion’s roots are numerous and can be discovered in the Hebrew words iyyôn, which means “castle,” and iyya, which means “desert.” The phrase’s “highest point,” which alludes to David’s conquest of Jerusalem’s ancient fortress, has, however, endured the longest. Zion has changed from being a biblical word for the “Promised Land” to a utopian image that many people use to represent their ideal home. Subjective to personal notions of purity and happiness, Zion is a potent symbol of your enduring love for your child. What a lovely way to commemorate one of your pinnacles and finest accomplishments. 

  1. Sohan : a name to wonder

Another name that adds up in the list is the name sohan and this pure name is a worth having one. 

Sanskrit in origin, the name Sohan means “good-looking” and “handsome” for a man. Infant is unquestionably attractive, but this name is a perfect place to start teaching baby about the importance of inner beauty. The definition of attractiveness is subjective and ever-evolving! Most people would concur that true beauty is based on a decent heart, and you may teach your child this lesson. What is more attractive than having plenty of opportunities to make each other smile with your adorable child? 

  1. Aabha : a name to shine 

Aabha’s meaning is Glory; Splendor; Light; Dazzling; Radiant and Vibrant; Glorious in the Sanskrit language of Indian origin. Aabha is a girl’s name that has Sanskrit, Indian origins. The majority of people with the name Aabha identify as Hindus. 

The characteristics of this number include order, practicality, sincerity, and hard effort. A person who is a number 4 is disciplined, serious, honest, and committed to attaining his objective. A guy like that can restore order to a chaotic setting. 

They struggle with matters of hope, forgiveness, and love. They are driven inside to provide meticulous, diligent service to others. They are somewhat concerned by innovation and unexpected or chaotic changes and prefer to engage in stable, conventional, and well-regulated activities. They are sincere and truthful. 

  1. Faaiq : a name of visionaries 

Meaning of the name Faaiq: The Arabic word for superior among people is faaiq. The baby boy name Faaiq is. The majority of people with the name Faaiq identify as Muslims. 

People are analytical and enquiring. They typically become excellent professors, scholars, or scientists because of their passion for information. They tend to conduct themselves in their own way and have a strong feeling of independence. People with a number 7 are thought to be independent and may come off as reticent. 

They enjoy reading a lot. They struggle with concerns of insight, leadership, control, and freedom. They like positions of power that allow them to engage with a diverse spectrum of individuals and enjoy being the focus of attention. Power can make people crazy.

  1. Wamika : name derivation 

Wamika’s name derives from the Sanskrit name Wamika, which means Goddess Durga in Oriya. Wamika is a girl’s name of Oriya and Sanskrit origin. Most people with the last name Wamika identify as Hindus. People with this name are an expert function who exudes charisma. These people possess the capacity for great accomplishment and an innate comprehension of issues and potential solutions. Everyone who comes into contact with a number 22 person feels their magnetic pull. 

  1. Oneta : a name of wisdom 

Oneta’s meaning is “full of mercy or grace,” which is favourable in Sanskrit. Oneta is a girl’s name of Sanskrit origin. Most people with the name Oneta practise Judaism. 

is linked to independence and leadership. People with this moniker have remarkable strength of character and have a lot of potential for success in terms of their careers and other areas of their lives. These people are said to effectively influence and lead others by utilising their innate talents and leadership qualities. 

They have a tendency to be quite harsh on both themselves and others. They struggle with problems related to time, creativity, independence, safety, and excellence. They are trustworthy, morally upright, and highly value themselves. They demand respect from their peers for their sense of fairness and have excellent leadership and oratory skills. 

Above were some good and pretty names which can be given to your newborns.

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