Google Slides: There are pros and cons! (Should it be used?)

Google Slides is new and you are unsure whether it is worth your time and effort to learn.

Microsoft PowerPoint has been a standard presentation tool for years. Google Slides is gaining popularity.

Google Slides does have unique features, which can be very attractive for some users. These features give Google Slides an edge over other presentation tools. But do these advantages outweigh its disadvantages?

What are the benefits to using Google Slides

Google Slides first launched in 2006 and although some were excited by its potential, many were actually skeptical.

Google Slides has a solid case to prove itself with the passage of time. It has reiterated its belief that Google Slides will continue to be a popular tool.

This graph shows the popularity of Google Slides vs PowerPoint.

Google Slides is slowly, yet steadily increasing the interest of users of presentation applications as indicated by the graph.

A video I created to explain the advantages and drawbacks associated with Google Slides has been made. This video is available for you to watch. You can also continue reading the article below, if that’s what you prefer.

Let’s take a look now at some of Google Slides’ benefits.

1. Google Slides are FREE to Use

Google Slides is absolutely Free google slides templates to all of its users, which is one of its greatest advantages.

Google Slides’ free use makes it an excellent choice for students, nonprofit organizations, and other groups who might not have the funds to purchase licensing of presentation software.

2. Allows Real-time Collaboration

Google Slides was a big hit with early adopters for its ability to allow real-time collaboration among team members.

Real-time collaboration enables you and your team to edit, prepare, or even collaborate on the same presentation simultaneously! This allows you to work on the same presentation without waiting for others or your reporting manager.

3. Google Slides works online without the need to download any software

Users often have to constantly download and update software in order for them to function properly.

This means you’re ready to use Google Slides from the beginning. It is easy to use, requires no installation, and does not require you to download or install any other software.

4. Slides are automatically saved (No Data Loss)

If you’ve ever used PowerPoint or another presentation application, you’ve likely experienced the pain and agony of losing hours due to the fact that you forgot Ctrl+S (or save the file!)

Your performance will be automatically kept in the cloud. You can also save any edits you make instantly. It is possible to make any changes you wish and revert them.

5. It’s easy to embed videos or other elements.

Google Slides’ other benefit is its ease of embedding elements, such video, images, and maps. Embedding YouTube videos works well, which isn’t possible with other presentation apps.

I wrote a detailed article about how to embed any type of element in Google Slides. That article demonstrated just how easy it is for various elements to be embedded in Google Slides. Check it out!

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