Helpful tips to reduce the cost of shifting in Bangalore

Moving from one place to another is a cumbersome but expensive task. So, you may be worried about the expenses if you have to move to another location. Everyone wants a home relocation within their budget but also a comfortable one. But you don’t have to worry, as we have explained some helpful tips to help you reduce the cost of your home relocation from Bangalore. Keep reading below to know: 

 Before the tips on reducing the moving charges, let’s first know which factors the packers movers in Bangalore consider for calculating your total moving cost. Here are the cost-affecting factors of a home shift: 

  • The number and volume of goods for relocation
  • Insurance
  • Type of vehicle opted for transport (shared or dedicated truck)
  • Packing cost
  • Labor cost
  • Distance between current and end location
  • Type of move
  • Moving during weekends or weekdays
  • Tolls and taxes
  • Additional services

How to reduce the packers and movers charges? 

 Below, we have explained various tips that will help you reduce the cost of moving charges.

  1. Plan your move

Planning and organizing your move is one of the best ways to reduce shifting costs. Once you have decided to relocate to another city, start planning for your move. Take a notepad and jot down everything you need to do for the move. Start searching for the packing and moving company early as you may get the best one at very affordable charges. 

  1. Declutter your home

The amount and volume of goods you have for packing and moving also affect your house shifting charges. Hence, one of the major tips to reduce the shifting charge is to go through all the items in your home and get rid of the unwanted ones. 

Sort through each room and pick out the items that are old or you use no longer. Keep those goods with sentimental value; others you can discard or donate to charity. You can also sell some items and use the money earned on the relocation expenses. 

  1. Comparing quotes 

Make sure you compare quotes of at least 3-4 packers and movers Bangalore before hiring one for your home relocation. Many people, once they find a low quote offering company, immediately book their services. It’s best that you compare all the quotes, and the chances are that you may get an even better deal for your move. 

  1. Best time to move 

The day you choose to move is also one of the factors that determine the cost of relocation. The moving companies are mostly busy during the weekends and month-ends as most people choose these times for a home relocation. 

To cut down the cost of moving to some extent, plan your move during the weekdays, from Monday to Thursday, or during the middle of the month. This is because the packers and movers offer decent prices on these days. You can also plan your relocation during winter, as the moving companies are booked during summer, and they ask for more service charges. 

  1. Negotiate charges 

Don’t accept the estimated charges offered by the moving company. Instead, you can ask for discount offers or negotiate the charges with the movers. While booking the services after negotiating prices, ensure that the moving companies do not add any hidden charges to the final invoice of your move. 

  1. Save on packing materials

 The packers and movers also include the packing charge in your moving invoice. But, you can reduce relocation costs by saving on packing materials. Instead of buying many packing materials, you can bring some cardboard boxes and cartons from nearby chemists or grocery shops, free of cost. 

You can also use some of the old items in your home as packing supplies. Old blankets, bed sheets, towels, etc., can be used to wrap fragile items for the move. You can also store small items in buckets, suitcases, backpacks, etc. You can also cut down the packing charge by packing some items yourself. 

  1. Dismantle goods yourself

The packers and movers offer additional services, such as dismantling goods at extra cost. You can save some on the moving expense by doing this yourself. A day before your move, disconnect and dismantle the appliances and the furniture for the move. This will also save some time on the moving day and speed up the packing process.  

  1. Choose a shared truck for transport

Most moving companies give the option of choosing a shared or dedicated truck for goods transport. In a shared truck, your goods are transported with the goods of other houses. And, in a dedicated truck, only your goods are transported to another location. However, you have to pay for the fuel and other transport charges.

If you want to save some money during relocation, then it is advised to choose a shared transport truck, especially when moving a short distance. For long-distance relocation, we advise you to choose the safer option, which is a dedicated transport truck.  

Relocation is not a simple task. You need professionals to help you safely relocate your household goods to another location. The industry of packers and movers is big, and not every moving company is professional and reliable. Hence, it’s crucial to review a moving company’s details, such as experience, customer reviews, ratings, etc., before hiring their services. You can also find reliable, authentic, and trusted packers and movers in Bangalore on the directory

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