How do you choose the best safety boots for you?

Safety boots are a special type of boots that offer additional protection for your feet. Safety has always been a priority for people, especially at the workplace, and these boots will go a long way in offering you the protection you need.

This article will focus on the factors that youshould consider before purchasing one.

Prevention has unanimously been agreed to be better than cure. For you to prevent any injuries to your feet, you need the right type of safety boot. I always advise spending a day in the boots and then giving the shoes and your feet a day or two to recover before leaping back into the fray, If you care for them, the Redwing Iron Ranger boots by Stride Wise can last decades. This is because the boot can be resoled when it wears through and because the leather is thick and tough.

Here are some of the factors that should be put into consideration when purchasing one.


Style is always key when selecting the right boots for you. The style will affect the comfort and the flexibility you would get. Goodyear welt style has proven to be very high in durability, but deficient in flexibility. Therefore, your shoe support and how you will manage to move around with it are very dependent on the style.


Too small, pinching or oversized boots can cause a hell of discomfort for you. Before purchasing one, therefore, you should always ensure that the boots fit perfectly, and probably give room in case your feet swell. This will give you the comfort you need at your workplace, and reduce exhaustion.


With the current tough economic times, you would always want to go for something which is of good value for your money. Highly durable safety boots in Nairobi have a longer life span that will ensure you save big time.


Quality will directly affect durability; high-quality safety boots are more durable than low quality. Different brands have different qualities. You must, therefore, be keen to land yourself the best quality. This factor will make you choose from various brands, including Safetoe, Vaultex, and Safety Jogger.
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Foot condition

If you happen to be suffering from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the feet), then you will need to consider purchasing work boots that is fitted with synthetic material for keeping your feet dry and preventing that moisture feel on your feet, giving you the best comfort.

Tread design

Working in an environment with slippery floors might get you struggling with traction. Rubber soles are usually handy when it comes to handling such conditions. You will also need to consider getting a rather small and tight tread design that will keep you stable while working.

The type of the toe caps

Different safety boots come with different types of toe caps. These types may be steel, aluminum, or composite. Choosing the best type of toe cap is essential in ensuring the safety of your toes. Steel caps will be appropriate for those working in construction or manufacturing sites while the composite type may be appropriate for those exposed to steel detectors.


In sum, quite several factors need to be considered by buyers before making up their minds onthe best safety boots to purchase. With the discussed factors in consideration, you will easily end up getting the best safety boot that will fit all your requirements, and grant you the satisfaction you deserve.
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