How To Encourage Your Kids To Drink More Water

Drinking enough water is as important to kids as it is for adults. Our kids need to drink lots of water each day.
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Drinking less water harms their circulation, cognitive functioning, bone and teeth health, and metabolism. A kid who drinks less water is likely to get easily fatigued, get headaches, be nauseous,
and have poor concentration or endurance. Drinking less water can also lead to obesity in kids.
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Yet, it is kind of strenuous to get your child to drink water. So, how do you trick your child into drinking enough water? 

Turn water into your child’s favorite drink through the following tips. 

Show them how it’s done

Take the lead and drink as much water as you can when you’re with your kids. Our kids learn and copy what we do. If your kids regularly see you drinking water, there is a high chance they’ll also grab a cup of water. Drink lots of water when you’re around your kids. Besides, it is a win-win situation. You kids will drink more water, and you get to increase your water consumption level.
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Make it visible 

If clean and pure water is readily available, chances are your kids will gulp some of it. Make sure they have a cup or a bottle of water within their reach. Teach them how they can fill up their cups or bottles. Since it’s not a guarantee you will always watch your kids drink water from a safe source within the house, think of installing a reverse osmosis water filter. This helps with removing any pollutants present in the water supplied to your home. Besides, reverse osmosis water filters are designed to work as a whole house water filtration system. This means your kids will get to enjoy pure and safe drinking water all the time. Moreover, they’ll get to enjoy the taste of pure water.   

Minimize sugary drinks 

Most if not all kids will pick a sugary drink over drinking water. The drinks taste sweet, hence preferred by most children. If sugary drinks are readily available, your kids will reach out for the drinks instead of getting water when they feel parched. Therefore, if you remove all or limit sugary drinks in your home, kids will not have an option but to turn to other drinks like water. Kids who consume less sugary drinks consume more water than kids who drink lots of sweetened drinks. 

Make water taste and smell great by infusing different fruit and herb flavors

Make it taste great. The neutral taste of water often turns kids off. You can easily make water taste great by adding fruit garnish to their water. You can add strawberries, blueberries, cucumber, or slices of lemon or lime to give the water a flavorful punch. You can also infuse your kids’ drinking water with fruits. All you have to do is cut up the fruit and let them seep into the water. You can also add fresh herbs such as mint. Mint leaves make a glass of drink water tastier. Moreover, it is cheap and a healthier option. It is a terrific way of making water taste better. Perhaps you can opt for the fancy route by using frozen fruit or herb ice cubes.  

Choose a visually appealing sippy cup or water bottle 

Make it fun. Toddlers love independence. Push them to drink water by getting them attractive cups or bottles with quirky and fun straws. Get reusable straws that will get your kids excited to chug some water. You can also let your kids choose their own cups and water bottles. You can also let them get crafty with their cups, straws, and water bottles. Let them personalize their cups or bottles. For younger children, get them tiny water bottles they can easily hold. You can also motivate them by setting up a reward system. You can reward them with something they love to do. 


Kids should be drinking lots of water instead of taking carbonated and sweetened drinks. Getting your kids to consume water should not be an uphill task. With these tips at hand, you’ll notice your kids drinking more water. They may even challenge you to match up to their water intake. 

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