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How to Keep Birds Away From Your Property?

The colorful birds might seem beautiful, but they can be annoying as well. These birds are so used to living near the human population that they depend upon them for food and shelter. From noise to litter, they can ruin your home. So, how can you keep birds away from your property? This is where bird control services come into the picture. This guide will help you know some right ways and the benefits of taking professional help. To know more, visit the website.

How to Keep Birds Away From Your Property?

1. Seal Entry Points and Small Holes

It involves sealing any possible entry points. Properly close windows and doors, as these will reduce the likelihood of these birds entering your property. Look for small holes, such as air conditioning systems, and seal them if you find any.

2. Bird Spikes

Attaching narrow spikes to window sills and roofs will keep birds away from your property. Attach bird spikes to concrete wood or any other surfaces with the help of screws. Birds find spikes irritating, and they will not land up on them. 

3. Throw and Keep Nests away

It is great to watch eggs hatch and their hatchlings fly after coming across the nest with eggs on the window. But after that, be sure to discard them and thoroughly clean the entire area. 

4. Bird Coils

Although quite similar to spikes, bird coils are a stainless steel material that can stretch along ledges to prevent birds from landing on them. 

5. Remove Food and Water Sources

Birds usually come to your property to search for food and water. So removing these will keep your property safe. Prevent standing water, keep trash covered, and do not put leftover food particles on the window sill. 

6. Add Shiny Objects

Hanging shiny objects such as CDs or mirrors will scare away the birds. The reflective materials will prevent the birds from landing on your window. 

7. Hang Plastic Hawk

If your house will be closed for an extended period, hanging a plastic hawk will prevent birds from setting up the nest on the window grill.

8. Contact Professional Bird Control Service

Birds can cause a nuisance, and at times, it becomes difficult to get rid of them. Hence, contacting a professional bird control company is the only solution. They help to identify the types of services and will provide the most appropriate way to eliminate bird problems.


Birds are intelligent creatures as a result, some of the ways mentioned above to get rid of birds can be difficult. It is best to seek professional help for a long-term solution.

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