How to protect and maintain water wave wigs?

Wigs are an essential part of life. We all face hair issues, including hair fall, split ends, and more. Wigs are an essential part of our life and save us from intensive styling and protection treatments. There are different kinds of wigs in the market, including water wave wigs, lace front wigs, and many more. 

It is also a fact that wigs are expensive and demand extensive care for durability. However, you can get the wigs according to your choice and use them for a long time with care. 

Water wave wigs 

The water waves have a wavy texture that looks natural. It is the new trendy hairstyle that every woman wants to adopt but requires extensive heat for styling natural hair. So instead, it has light waves which look natural. 

Wigs come in different types for hair textures and styles. You can use the wigs quickly to get a new style. Keep in mind that water wave wigs are not standard in the market. You can get different wigs according to your choice. 

The protective tips will help you to use the wig many times. It will help protect your hair and adopt new styles at every event. Moreover, you can also choose different wig styles, including short headband wigs and many more. 

The water wave wigs are standard with a particular texture. As a result, it attracts consumers, but its maintenance also has a big issue.

Now, if you also have water wave wigs and want to protect them, this guide is for you. Here we will share some essential tips for protecting and maintaining the water wave wigs for a long time with minimal effort. 

Tips for maintaining water wave wigs 

The water wave wigs are significant for getting a new look at every event. It is durable and long-lasting. However, maintenance is mandatory for using it multiple times. In addition, water wave wigs are expensive and demand care. 

Therefore ensure to take care of your wig using the following maintenance tips. 

Wash the wig hair regularly.

Washing is an essential step for maintaining every kind of wig texture. However, remember that wig hair also demands similar cleaning to your natural hair. If you don’t wash your hair regularly, it will become tangled and sweaty. So the water wave wigs or all other wig textures demand regular washing like your natural hairs. 

Ensure to wash the water wave wig with lukewarm water. Moreover, always rinse the wig from end to top using your fingers. The lace wigs are sensitive, so be gentle while washing the wig hairs and avoid rubbing as it can cause hair fall. 

Let the wig dry properly.

Many of us wash the wigs but don’t care about the drying process. Keep in mind that the wig base is sensitive and can be broken due to harsh handling. Keep your hands on the wig after washing it, and let it dry properly. When the wig is completely dry, then comb it. Never comb the water wave wigs in wet conditions. 

Place the wig on any stand and let it dry in a well-ventilated place. You can also use the wig stands but if you don’t have one, then prefer a high stand for proper drying. Moreover, using a hair dryer for a wig is not a good idea.
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It can cause hair damage, especially if you have a synthetic hair wig. 

Use wide toothcomb

The water wave wigs also get tangled like natural hairs. So it is mandatory to comb them but always use a wide tooth comb. The wide-tooth comb will help to detangle the wig hairs and prevent damage. Moreover, the best practice to comb or detangle the wig is to start searching from end to top. If you begin combing the wig hairs from the roots, it will cause hair fall. You can also use the paddle brush to comb the water wave wigs, which will help smooth combing. 

Avoid heating tools

The heat styling tools are damaging to natural hair. Similarly, it is not suitable for water wave wigs to maintain their durability of wigs. So ensure to avoid using heating tools like curlers or flat iron. The heat will damage the hair and increase the chances of hair fall or split ends. So it will reduce the longevity of wigs when you use heating tools.

Store wig properly

Once your wig is dry after washing or removing it after styling, store it carefully. So many of us throw the wig on the dressing table without care. Right? But it will damage your wig and reduce its durability. So ensure to store the wig in a special box so you can use it next time with a similar appearance. 

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