How To Use Cloth Diapers A Beginners Guide

You are just about to begin your cloth diapering journey – CONGRATULATIONS. Congratulations on choosing cloth over plastic, sustainability over convenience, and choosing smiles over rashes!

Is the thought of exclusively cloth diapering for the first time making you a worried parent? Well, cloth diapering is an amazing journey that is supposed to make you less anxious and add extra comfort and hygiene to your baby and your life. So, sit back and relax! We are here to help you make the first leg of this journey easy peasy for you!
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But let us first begin by understanding why cloth diapers are better than disposable diapers.

Why Cloth Diapers?

  • It is a method of diapering that our ancestors have been relying upon for ages and generations. It is sustainable, earth-friendly and cheap in the longer run.
  • Cloth diapers are biodegradable and do not end up in landfills. On the other hand, disposable diapers can take up to 400 – 500 years to completely decompose.
  • Disposable diapers contain many toxins and harmful chemicals such as Phthalates, Dioxin, and TributylTin that can cause severe rashes and skin troubles and harm your baby’s delicate skin. On the other hand, the cloth is natural and is best for a child’s sensitive skin.
  • As against only 16 washable and reusable cloth diapers, the consumption of disposable diapers would be a minimum of 7500 over three years till your baby is potty trained.
  • This also means that by choosing cloth diapers, you would be saving a fortune that you otherwise would be spending on stocking up disposable diapers every week or month for your baby.
  • Cloth diapers can be passed on to the next child in the family and save money not just once but also multiple times.
  • Cloth diapers save you the hassle of buying and stocking them up every time you visit the pharmacy. You will never be stocked out once you have cloth diapers at home.

What To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Cloth Diaper

Let us begin with all you will need to keep in mind as a beginner on the cloth diapering journey. Here are a few things to consider before buying your first set of cloth diapers.

  • The first decision you will need to make is to choose a brand. Go for a brand with cloth diapers online, easy stock availability, good customer care service, and after-sale demo and help. Cloth diapering has a learning curve and sometimes takes up to a few trials to master the art; thus, having a customer service team that can help you is a must.
  • Modern cloth diapers are adjustable, and brands like SuperBottoms UNO fit from 7 KGs and up to 17 KGs easily. So go for such dynamic diapers and club a few Padded Underwear and Langots for diaper-free time or alternate between different types of cloth diapers to see what your diapering routine can look like for you and your child.
  • The number of cloth diapers you will need to invest in would depend on your laundry cycle. But even at the max, 16 diapers are all you will need!

How To Prepare A Cloth Diaper Before Using

As a thumb rule for any apparel you buy for the first time, it is advised to wash it before using it once for good hygiene. The same applies to cloth diapers. Please remember, do not use fabric softener or antiseptic liquid as that can damage your cloth diapers and reduce their life.

To prepare the cloth diaper for use, wash them in a cloth diaper detergent such as SuperBottoms Cloth Diaper Detergent Sheets. Do not wring them as that might change the shape of the diapers. Dry them in sunlight, as they help kill the bacteria in cloth diapers if any. Once you have adjusted the snaps as per your baby’s size, you are ready to goz

Wearing A Cloth Diaper

Once your cloth diaper is adjusted as per your baby’s size, wearing the diaper is an easy task.

  • Make your baby lie down on a flat surface.
  • Give them a toy, a rattle or a teether to keep them distracted.
  • Put the insert and snap the insert on the outer cover of your cloth diaper.
  • If it is night time and you need extra absorbance, add a booster.
  • Snap it, and your baby is ready to sleep or run around and explore the world!
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Common Questions Parents Ask About Cloth Diapering

Q1 – Can I Use A Cloth Diaper Overnight?

Yes, the whole idea of being a cloth diapering parent is to eliminate the plastic and disposables from your child’s life. While it is advised to change a baby’s diaper every 3 – 4 hours even if they have not pooped, babies pee less during the night. Also, adding a booster or an extra layer of absorbent inserts such as hemp can make the diaper last longer without leaking or wetting your baby. And whenever your baby wakes up in the middle of the night for feeds, change the diaper after the feed without disturbing their sleep.
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Q2 – How do I store used cloth diapers before washing them?

While removing the soiled diapers, you would need to knock the poop off the inner liner, or the diaper as that can cause staining on the diapers if not cleaned properly. Once the diaper is rinsed, you can keep it aside in a closed lid bin or laundry basket for a day or two before you wash it with other diapers or baby clothes in a washing machine or hand wash them.

Q3 – Is travelling easy with exclusive cloth diapering?

Many parents who exclusively cloth diaper their baby travel easily while still continuing their exclusive cloth diapering journey. You would need a few additional accessories like a waterproof cloth bag to store soiled diapers, a few extra cloth diapers to carry along, cotton wipes to clean the bum, and a few cloth diaper laundry sheets if you are out for a longer duration and have access to a washroom to wash the diapers.

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