Important Questions To Ask A Rehab Facility Before Enrolling

If you have decided to attend a drug rehab program, then you have already decided to make a financial commitment. To make sure your money is well spent, you should always research the rehab program before you join them.
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There are a number of drug rehab programs that can help get rid of your addiction. Here are a few things you should take into consideration before attending a drug rehab facility.

Is the drug rehab program a dual diagnosis facility?

Dual diagnosis facilities are generally better suited to treat addiction in patients who may have other psychological issues such as depression or anxiety. Many patients go undiagnosed and end up relapsing because of it – dual diagnosis rehab programs are usually the best choice.
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Is the program licensed by the state it’s in? The department of alcohol and drug programs for the state licenses facilities that meet the standards for professional drug rehab centers. You should always ask a program if they are licensed by the state.

What are the certifications of the staff?

In order for a rehab program to be successful, it must be maintained by dedicated staff members. These individuals should preferably be certified with the appropriate license to back up their claim. Interaction with the staff is very imperative to your recovery. Selecting a rehab program that employs a well-mannered and well-trained staff will help ensure the success of both acclimations to the program and overall diagnosis and treatment.

Is the program accredited?

Being that addiction requires specific treatment, it is an absolute must that you find a program that is certified to perform the therapy you seek. When seeking a quality rehab center, you should take note of the accreditations behind the facility. The Joint Commission on Accredited Health Organizations and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities only approve programs that have met their requirements and passed inspections. These commissions also ensure that important health practices and guidelines are met.

Is there 24-hour care?

24-hour supervision means there’s always someone at the facility, usually multiple counselors. This doesn’t mean patients aren’t free to go on short outings without a counselor, but it generally does discourage relapse. 24-hour care is also important in the case of an emergency or other situation demanding an immediate response

What kinds of therapy and group counseling do patients undergo?

A professional drug rehab program can provide clients with multiple one on one meetings with counselors and psychologists as well as private group meetings and outside meetings like AA. It is important that these sessions and meetings be incorporated into the schedule every day.

What kind of extracurricular activities are available?

Access to a gym is always good. A high-quality rehab facility gives patients access to healthy outdoor activities and recreation. It is important to make sure these activities are incorporated into the daily schedules of patients.

In short, drug and alcohol abuse centers can offer more than just recovery from addiction, i.e., they can offer a brand new life to patients who are committed to overcoming their addictions.

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