Is It Possible to Bet on the 2024 US Presidential Elections?

Betting on the outcome of elections takes place in many countries. However, this has not become part of American betting culture to date. It is illegal to bet on election outcomes in the U.S. using regulated mobile casino apps. There is no federal prohibition on election betting but to date no states allow it. It will be interesting to see if they decide to change this at some point. The race is heating up amongst the top candidates for president in the 2024 elections. At present, there are five top candidates in the running. 

Top candidates for president

Betting on the US presidential elections is currently not allowed in regulated US casinos, including American online casinos. There are five top candidates in the running to become president in 2024. In June, Joe Biden took a little step back (38.1%) and Donald Trump took a little step forward (28.6%). California governor Gavin Newsom (4.8%) and Robert Kennedy Jr. (6.7%) both gained on Biden. Trump’s gain was a loss for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (16.7%). 

Odds have improved for three of the candidates and declined for two. Biden (+163), Trump (+250), and DeSantis (+500) currently have the most chance of becoming president. 

Biden versus Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy Jnr’s odds have increased in the last while making him the fourth candidate in the running for president (+1400). He is looming as Biden’s top Democrat threat. 

The present Biden Government is being accused of doing nothing about the inflation issue and of wrong spending. Biden’s allies are warning him he has significant work to do in his own party. He has to reassure them about his age and promote his accomplishments. Some feel he hasn’t delivered enough when it comes to aspects of climate change, police and immigration reform, and voting rights. They remain uneasy about his economic stewardship of the country. 

Robert Kennedy Jr. obviously has a celebrated democratic lineage but he is an anti-vaccine activist who promotes conspiracy theories and associates with right-wing millionaires. One of the main reasons voters like him is because of the family name. He could pull some of the Trump voters as he is articulate, eloquent, and connected. Kennedy received a boost from Elon Musk who hosted a two-hour audio chat with him recently. Kennedy has suggested that elections are rigged and has spread pro-Russian talking points about the war in Ukraine. 

Trump versus DeSantis

The Republicans are likely to choose between Trump and DeSantis. If they reject Trump, they will lose his many loyal supporters. Trump lost centrist voters in the rust belt in 2020 and DeSantis could possibly attract them. His problem is that he has to get past Trump in the primaries. 

Other Democrat candidates

Former first lady, Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris are other candidates in the race. Obama would be an attractive candidate for many Democrats. Harris has stayed out of the news but she could be on the ticket again with Biden as vice president. They are both sitting at 2.9% (+3300). Mike Pence’s odds in the 2024 election are 2.0% (+6000). Experts don’t see the former vice-president pulling from Trump’s supporters.   

Could Biden be president again?

Biden will be nearly 82 years old when voters head to the polls. He is currently the front runner with his odds nearly doubling since midterms. One of Biden’s key achievements while in office has been advancing effective, accountable policing and strengthening public safety. At present it looks as though the Democrats will win the election. That being said, an undivided Republican ticket could cause an issue. 

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