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Jassie Gift Whole life and career in a short view:-
This man working in the south Indian music industry from the last few decade and he had composed so many songs for the industry so far. But there are so many people even in the south who don’t know anything clearly about this man. Here we are going to mention about his personal life and career of this man by which each of our readers going have at least the basic idea about him. At the same time, when we are going to mention the names of the song then you may realize this person closely as we all hear each of the songs from the Indian music industry somehow but hardly care about the composer.
So lets see the works of this man at first to get the primary image of him through his works and we are going to mention the names of songs along with the time of its publish. Here are the names of the film in which he worked as a composer And the names of those songs in which he playback:

Jassie Gift Track List::

Song Name Links
Mandakiniye Née Seedilina Download
Kode Kode Kobri Mitayi Download
Rock Your Body Download
Duniya Ninde Nee Hodimaga Download
Ravana Seethe Kadda Download
Ee Manasinali Download
Kariya Kariya Download
Nannedeya Pustaka Download

Jassie Gift Movie List::

Movie Name Year
Hai 2017
Jani 2017
Tyson 2016
Kala Bhairava 2016
Crazy Boy 2016
Rebel 2015
Male 2015
Love You Alia 2015
Aryan 2014
Hara 2014
Sivajinagara 2014
Dirty Picture 2013
Dev Son of Mudde Gowda 2012
Kiladi Kitty 2012
Galaate 2012
Myna 2012
Sanju Weds 2011
Shyloo 2011
Hatrick Hodi 2009
Parichaya 2009
Hudugaata 2007

Thats are all about this man we are talking about when we have mentioned in the top that here you will have only the basic information about him. If you looking for more information or you are thinking that here could be more information about him then we suggest you to keep your search on the online where you are going to have him active only for the fans. Meanwhile, the social virtual medias could help you the most to know about the person you are looking for.

*** Jassie Gift More Info For Visit – Wikipedia

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