Learning to Walk – Top Tips from Seasoned Parents

The first year of a human being is the most intense, as the new lifeform tries to make sense of their perceived reality; constant wonder and awe are shown with cute expressions, as they encounter strange things. Of course, learning to walk is a major milestone for every growing toddler, and with that in mind, we asked a few veteran parents for tips to help today’s young parent do all the right things to help baby take those magical first few steps.

  • Foot protection – A toddler should wear one of numerous SoleSox products that are designed to provide the right support without losing that barefoot connection. Soft and easy to wear, soft-sole baby walking shoes ensure that baby has support and skin protection; Google can take you to their website and you can order a couple of pairs.
  • Control how you react when baby falls – This is often overlooked; if, for example, a parent displays shock and anxiety, this is instantly picked up by baby and that might lead to a reluctance to experiment with balance. Show kindness and compassion and be encouraging when a fall happens, helping Junior to try again.
  • Wearing the right clothing – If a baby wears a one-piece with padding on the knees and elbows, this will protect them from knocks and bumps. Google blogs on ‘helping baby to walk’ and you can get multiple perspectives with some useful practical advice.
  • Encourage exploration – Fear is embedded into every human being, it is part of our DNA and without fear, we would not have made it this far. Build trust with your child and encourage them to explore, demonstrating your closeness and offering support with touch.
  • Walking together – You can old baby’s hands and support as you slowly take one step forward; some dads like to place the toddler’s feet upon their own and walk slowly; this is a good way to encourage taking steps at the very beginning.

Let’s remember that this is a time to move things that are close to the floor, as Junior will soon be toddling around. Make sure power points have child protectors and check for hard surfaces and corners that might cause a potential accident. With you by their side, your offspring will take great delight in those first few steps and before you know it, they’ll be riding their bike in the yard.

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