Prom Night Driving Safety Tips For Teenagers 

Prom nights are exciting events for teenagers and college students.
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Everyone dresses up in beautiful clothing and dances with their partners and friends. After the phone session, everyone gets out on the road to head to the dance, which means more teenagers are on the road. 

Teenagers drivers are people who have recently got their licenses, which means they lack experience in driving. Moreover, they usually drive with their friends, which can greatly distract them. It is important to follow prom night safety rules to prevent turning an exciting night into a tragic one. If you have been injured on your prom night, speak to a louisville injury attorney today. 

Prom night driving safety tips for teenagers. 

  • Put on your seatbelts. 

Seatbelts are the perfect accessory while driving. While most teenagers in Louisville think these belts are useless during accidents, that is not true. Seatbelts can protect you from several injuries, even ones that can be fatal. A little wrinkle on your prom dress or tux is not worth risking your life for. Make sure you do not start the car before buckling up. 

  • Pay attention to the road. 

Sure, you have been waiting for prom night all year long and are excited to reach the venue. You have several things on your mind about how you will spend the night. However, you must keep your entire focus on the road only.
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For the time being, forget about everything else in the world and pay attention to the road. Avoid looking at your smartphone at all costs. 

  • Create a song playlist before you start the car. 

It is not uncommon for teenagers to look away from the road to search for the perfect song on their phones. Looking for the right song takes away your eyes as well as your attention from the road, which can result in a catastrophic accident before you know it. It is good to create a playlist full of songs you like before you start your journey. 

What to do if something goes wrong?

Things can go wrong even if you are the most careful driver on the road. If you get into an accident, follow these steps: 

  • Pull the vehicle to a safer side of the road, but only if it is safe to do so. If you see smoke coming out of your car, quickly move away as far as possible. 
  • Call and inform your parents immediately.
  • Stay calm. Emergencies like this can make anyone panic, but stressing too much will only ruin the night even more. 

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