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Quick Tips to Choose Lampshades That Can Further Accentuate Your Interiors

Lack of proper lighting in a room can rob away the beauty of the interiors no matter how well you may have decorated your space. It’s practically not possible to have the natural sunlight float into your entire place, and we bet some dark corners need artificial illumination. It’s amazing how simple decore items like lamps and light fixtures can transform the look of your space. With the market flooded with a plethora of lampshade models like floor lamps, pendant lampshades, and table lamps to name a few, we often find ourselves wondering what sort of lampshade will blend well with your aesthetic. We have put together some quick tips that will help you to pick a perfect lampshade for any sort of room.

  1. Lampshade color should compliment the color of the room: Lampshades are the most versatile piece of interior décor that can be used in any sort of room, let it be the living room, bedroom, study area, or even the dining hall. While selecting the color of the lampshade, keep in mind that it should complement the wall paint or the décor of the space, so that it naturally looks a part of it. If you want to make the light fixture the focal point, then look for contrasting colors to draw the attention of the guests.
  2. Select the model that matches the interior theme: If you have an indo-western interior design, then pick a lampshade that has an antique copper or ceramic base. These lamps further add an element of history, and they beautifully merge with the traditional setting of the home.
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    If your interiors personify clear modern lines, then pick minimalistic lamps made out of glass or metal.
  3. Analyse the space of your interiors to accommodate the lampshade: Even before you could decide on the color, material, and model of the lampshade, you must analyze the space it would occupy. If you are planning to add a lamp to your study room, you may need to explore smaller profile study lamps to create better focus illumination for reading, which can easily be snugged in the corner of the table. For a living room, you may want to check out floor lamps to add a bit more drama to the space.
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  4. Decide if you are adding the lampshade for function: While the main purpose of adding lamps to a space is to create additional lighting in the room, however, this may not be the case every time. A lot of times we add lampshades to elevate the ambiance of the space, and in such cases, you should opt for lampshades that are darker in color, so that it helps you to add a distinct vibe to your space.
  5. Choose the right lampshade shape: The shape of the lampshade matters especially when you are trying to have it blend into your décor. For modern homes, sticking to square, drum, or cylinder shapes is a good idea, while for traditional homes the popular bell type, ovals, or even lantern-shaped lamps will set right into the style of the room.

We hope the above pointers would have solved most of your confusion, and help you pick lampshades for your home easily.

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