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Best Vastu tips for your shop

Vastu Shastra is an element of astrology that deals in directions. As per Vastu Shastra, anything, right from a shop to a bedroom, if not built in the right direction, can bring trouble for the owner. So, to make sure that doesn’t happen for you, herein we will discuss what should be the architecture of your shop to make it both Vastu and Kundli compatible.

As per Vastu Shastra, if the person builds his shop in the right direction, then he is assured to gain money from his business. But if the person does not consider Vastu Shastra before building a shop, then he may have to experience problems in acquiring wealth.
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A defect coming from Vastu is called the Vastu defect due to which the person starts losing money.

Having said that, let us know what, according to Vastu Shastra, will be the best direction to consider to build or rent a shop.
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Shop Architecture As Per Vastu 

It must be noted that problems in life can’t only be identified by reading a kundli report or finding a malefic combination of planets in the same. Some problems are external and likely the result of Vastu Shastra dosh. Wrong Vastu of the shop can bring negativity not just into your business but also in the life of the person. At the same time, the expenses of the person also increase. At the same time, the happiness and peace of the house come to a standstill if things are not aligned well.

On the other hand, the person who follows the rules of Vastu Shastra can get success in his life. And if you are wondering what these rules are that we are talking about, then here are some things to keep in mind to help yourself with a Vastu compatible shop.

The best direction for the shop as per Vastu Shastra 

  • If your shop faces the east direction, then it should always be opened on time. This will make your sales stats better as per Vastu.
  • The most suitable location to have the shop is in the north direction. This location will help the business remain viable and also bring monetary gains.
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  • If your shop faces the west direction, then one thing to keep in mind is that the same person who opens the shop should be the one to close it too.
  • If your shop faces the west direction, then the shop should always sit on an elevated platform.
  • If there is a pit in front of the road, then make sure you fill it. The road or street in front of your shop should be clean.
  • Also, the colour of the shop’s shutter or door should be white.
  • Also, a shop that faces the east direction is beneficial for the native. Such a shop gives more profit to the native.
  • According to Vastu rules, the waste of your shop should never be thrown in front of another shop.

Ideal Shop Size According to Vastu

  • The shops whose size is bigger in the front and goes on to remain the same or decrease at the back, then it is not considered good according to Vastu.
  • If a shop is equally wide in all directions or is rectangular or square, then the shape of the shop is considered auspicious. Earnings in such shops increase and the person gets a lot of profit. The gains are also reflected in their Janam Kundli.

Ideal Shop Colour as per Vastu 

  • If the shop is in the northeast direction, then light blue, brown and green colours should be used.
  • If your shop is in the southeast direction, then you can use red, pink, orange or violet colours to paint your shop.
  • Along with this, if your shop is in the northwest direction, then you can use silver, white or metallic light shades.

These were some of the best Vastu tips for shops by the best astrologers at Astrotalk that you can remember or follow for a profitable business.

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