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Ravi Basrur Whole life and career in a short view:-
The name you can see in the headline is mostly known as a music director and predominantly works in the Kannada films. We can mention this man as a new comer to the industry but he had made so many wonderful song by which he earned a place in the hearts of the music lovers. Before we mention anything more about this person we better take a close look to the names of the works of him from the time of 2012. We hope this will allow you to get the actual information and idea about this man that about whom we are really talking about. This is better to say that, there are some readers who can’t recognize this yet, who this person really is? So these names will let to know them clearly.

Ravi Basrur Some Info

– “Panak Makkal” in the year of 2012 and this one is the first Kundagannada Album where he worked as a Lyricist and Composer,

– “Ugramm” in 2014 and in this film “Ravi Basrur” played the role of main Composer and Background Scorer. By this film, he made his debut in the “Kannada Film Industry” and gained the “Best Background Score Award”

– “Mrughashira” in the year of 2014.

– “Gargar Mandala” in 2014, he got to play his work as lyricist, Director, Background Scorer.
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– “Ekka Saka” in the time of 2015.

– “Just Madveli” this one was in the time of 2015.

– “Ring Master” (Kannada) 2015

– “Tyson” in the time of 2016

– “Bilinder” this one was in just the last year of 2016 and he was in the duty of Actor, Director, Background Scorer as well as Musicdirector.

– “Karvva” this one was in the time of 2016 where he played the role of “Background Scorer”

– “Mufti” this film is in the process so far,

– “Anjani Putra” this also in the process where he is working as a music director.

– “Production No. 3” same as the previous one, shutting is under process and here he is working as a Director,Background Scorer, Music composer.

So here are all the particular thing of this man and it is better to confess that here you will have only the basic about him. If you think that you need more then you better keep on your search about him in the online source specially in the social virtual medias where people like him keep them active only for the fans. At the same time, if you are eagerly wait for the latest one from him then we can say that you don’t have to wait for a long time to get the latest one when they always have to think about the new one as the gift for the fans.
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At the last of this article, each of the creative person have to give the extreme of them to possess the place as they holding today. No matter what they create and how those sound to you.
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Ravi Basrur Movie List::

Movie Name Year
Mufti 2017
Anjani Putra 2017
Karvva 2016
Tyson 2016
Ekka Saka 2015
Gargar Mandala 2014
Ugramm 2014

*** Ravi Basrur Social Page – Facebook

*** Ravi Basrur – Wikipedia

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