Reasons to choose Western Sydney University’s translation major

As an international language, English is widely used in various international occasions. With the continuous development of economic globalization, many positions have an increasing demand for the translation industry, which also makes more and more people realize the importance of the ability to speak English in their lives.

Although major colleges and universities offer translation majors, and it seems that many graduates go to the society every year, in fact, high-end translation talents are still in short supply. Therefore, choosing a suitable school is particularly important, and Western Sydney University is a good choice. Why do we say so? There are several reasons:

1. World-class academic hall

Western Sydney University is only 30 years old and is a young university. Even so, the performance in the comprehensive ranking of world universities is still very good, ranking in the top 2% of the world universities!

According to the 2020 UK Times World University Rankings (school age under 50 years), Western Sydney University ranks 36th in the world.

2. Highlights of UWS’ translation major

– It has the only undergraduate translation degree accredited by NAATI in Australia

Western Sydney University is known for cultivating a large number of interpreters and translators in the past 30 years. Many of our students who study interpreting and translation have obtained professional certification from the National Accreditation Agency for Translation and Interpretation (NAATI).

Western Sydney University offers a wide range of courses, from undergraduates, postgraduate certificates to masters, each with a specific language focus. Courses are suitable for all needs and levels, with flexible start and end times and opportunities for professional certification.

After graduation, you can apply for NAATI’s four translation certifications!

Certified Interpreter

Certified Translator

Certified Specialist Interpreter (Legal) legal interpreter certification

Certified Specialist Interpreter (Medical) certification

– Strong and high-level teaching staff

Our teachers are professional interpreters and translators with real-world insights and are important researchers in their fields. Students will use the most advanced language laboratory and conference interpretation equipment to experience the latest interpretation and translation technology.

– Diverse courses

Western Sydney University’s undergraduate and master of translation courses are practice-oriented, and the purpose of teaching theory is to help students practice better.

3. Western Sydney University translation courses

In the translation courses of Western Sydney University, theory is the assistant to practice, and practice is king! Whether it is the proportion of teaching hours or the proportion of homework grades, theories will not overwhelm the subject.

4. Internship project

Western Sydney University is committed to improving the learning experience of students by engaging students in practice and experiencing local culture. Our courses provide internship opportunities or free hands-on experience in other types of community services.

5. Employer satisfaction

Western Sydney University’s graduate employers are the most satisfied! Employers in the Sydney area rated Western Sydney graduates as the most job-ready!

The Australian Federal Government’s survey report on employers shows that Western Sydney University’s graduate employer satisfaction is very high, far higher than the average score of Australian universities, even better than many century-old shops, and it is also the most highly rated by employers in the Sydney area.

According to a survey conducted by the Australian government, employers’ satisfaction with Western Sydney University’s graduates is very high, ranking 6th in Australia and first in Sydney!

6. Various positions waiting for you to PICK

– Opportunities in Sydney’s Great Western Region

Australia is a rapidly changing country with ever-expanding cultural diversity. Due to changes in demographics and the needs of Australia’s culturally and linguistically diverse society, skilled interpreters and translators are very popular. According to the Talking TIS Newsletter in the summer of 2019, TIS National provided more than 1 million telephone interpretation services and 120,000 on-site interpretation jobs in 2018.

Western Sydney is the most linguistically diverse region in Australia, providing excellent employment opportunities for students and graduates in the region.

The Western Sydney region is the center of infrastructure and employment prosperity. So far, the Greater Western Region of Sydney (GWS) has more than 240,000 local companies, and they are still growing. In 2017, the Greater Western Region of Sydney (GWS) has created a regional GDP of 112.8 billion Australian dollars.

– Career development

Western Sydney University’s interpretation and translation courses will enable you to work as a professional interpreter and translator in Australia in a variety of government and private enterprise environments. Other opportunities may include continuing to pursue a higher degree, developing the teaching of interpretation and translation, or establishing a small business for interpretation and translation.

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist others in achieving healthy mental, emotional, and behavioural functioning.

Most interpreting work takes place in schools, hospitals, courts, government offices, conference rooms, and convention centers. Some people serve translation companies, individual organizations, or private clients.

You can hold positions in the following areas:

Teaching in government or non-government schools

Media industry

Entertainment and Arts Management

Cultural Heritage Organization

Psychology and Counseling

Social and policy research and analysis

Tourism and leisure industry

Writing and publishing

These are the main reasons for studying translation in Western Sydney University. If you want to get more translation courses in the university, you can search via Course Finder.

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