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Sambhram V. Sridhar

V. Sridhar Whole life and career in a short view:-
The name you can see in the headline is one of the prominent personality of the Kannada music industry and the most important fact is, this man is mostly known for his all rounding performance in the industry. This man is at a time a film scorer, sound track composer as well as a lyricist. Same time, it is better to make a thing clear that, many of the music fans even from the south of the India don’t know about him clearly. So, here we are going to mention his songs name and achievement by which they and others will have the idea about his working and talent.Here are the names of the songs of this man at first:

V. Sridhar Movie List

Movie Name Year
Raajaru 2017
5th Generation 2017
3 Gante 30 Dina 30 Second 2017
Sarvasva 2017
Chowka 2017
Krishna-Leela 2015
First Love 2015
Sanju Mattu Geetha 2 2015
Krishna-Rukku 2015
Sadagara 2014
Jai Lalitha 2014
Namaste Madam 2014
Belli 2014
Sankranthi 2012
Dashamukha 2012
Rana 2012
Krishnan Marriage Story 2011
Jedarahalli 2011
Sri Moksha 2010
School Master 2010
Krishnan Love Story 2010
Dubai Babu 2009
Iniya 2009
Mussanje Maathu 2008

V. Sridhar Awards

there are some awards this also gained in different occasions and this is equally important to take a look on those:

– “Mirchi Award” for “Best Music Director” in the year of 2010.

– “Karnataka State Film Award” for “Best Music Director” and this was in the year of 2015.

– Filmfare Award for Best Music Director in the same year as the previous one.

Here are all the basic information you can see about the man we are talking about and we hope this all ready have remind you so many thing which you don’t know about “V. Shridhar”.
On the other hand, we want to uphold a message to all the music fans that, we never should consider a creative persons talent through the popularity. We all known with the fact all ready that it is never ever easy to come in the like music industry when it is one of the greatest place and platform of India unless you have some talent inside you to manage all the things.
After all, when you are thinking about the quantity of the information then one line is better to mention for you that, you better keep your search on about him in those places where person like him pretty much active only for the fans. If you are a fan of this man already then you don’t have to wait for the next work of this man why because person like him always keep them busy with the new tasks as the gift for the fans.

*** V. Sridhar Social Page – Facebook

*** V. Sridhar – Wikipedia

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