The history of Juventus FC

Juventus FC is a storied Italian giant. It is like a seasoned character in the world of football. There is all online betting on 1xBet, where excellent wagers can be found on this team too. The history of the squad is rich in drama, triumphs, and heartaches. Founded way back in 1897 by a group of young Torinese students, Juventus has grown to become a hallmark of success in Italian football.

To begin, we can say that Juve has a huge trophy cabinet. As of 2023, some of their major titles include:

  • 36 Serie A;
  • 14 editions of the Coppa Italia;
  • 9 editions of the Supercoppa Italiana;
  • and 2 editions of the UEFA Champions League.

You can try all online betting on the 1xBet website on these competitions too. It is also worth noting that the team has been runner-ups of the UEFA Champions League a total of 7 times too.

A squad that has enjoyed success and some dark moments too

The Bianconeri (the black-and-whites) didn’t just stumble into success. It’s been a century and a quarter of methodical planning, adapting, and sometimes ruthlessly overhauling to stay at the peak. They’ve seen legends grace their pitch. You can think of Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero, Cristiano Ronaldo and Giorgio Chiellini. Discover online football betting on, where you can also find wagers on other great Italian football sides too.

Juventus’s journey hasn’t been without its dark days, though. The Calciopoli scandal in 2006 was a huge blow. They were stripped of 2 titles and demoted to Serie B for the first time in their history. But like a classic protagonist, they didn’t just lie there; they bounced back immediately. They won Serie B the following year and clawed their way back to the top of Italian football with a vengeance. There is online football betting on the 1xBet platform, where the Italian Serie B is available too.

A club with a huge wallet and different tactics

Financially, the Italians are quite healthy too. They’re one of the most valuable football clubs on the planet, often ranking in the top 10. Their revenue streams and commercial deals are serious business. we’re talking hundreds of millions of euros swirling around. Speaking about revenue, don’t forget to try your favourite slot online – 1xBet has great games before the next Juventus match is played.

On the pitch, their style has been adaptive. From the rock-solid defense of the ’90s to the more flamboyant attack in recent years, they’ve often been a tactical chameleon. Their fan base is massive, loyal, and loud. Juventus supporters are everywhere, from the rolling hills of Piedmont to the far corners of the world. Go now to 1xBet, where your favorite online slot will be waiting before the next match of Juventus.

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