What is the smartest way to betting?

A huge number of articles are written about sports betting and anyone can read them on the Internet. What secrets can there be! Yes, there is a lot of information, but not for all beginners it is a positive thing.

When you are bombarded with a lot of data, texts, recommendations, it’s difficult not to miss some important nuances. But do not be lazy and read this material. It will be especially useful for beginners. There are no tips that will make you happy, but they will definitely help you to avoid many problems.

Don’t get your hopes up for a 100% win

The first mistake a beginner makes is hoping for big and fast earnings on sports betting. This comes not only from self-confidence, but also from ignorance of the basic mechanics of betting. Betting is not just guessing the results of upcoming or current sporting events. Bookmaking is a big business where companies make money, not just create space for customers to play and win.

Why are bookmakers stronger?

A bookmaker’s aim is to make super profits at the expense of its customers. And it has all the prerequisites for this, because the bookmaker is always in a better position than the player for the following reasons:

  • Technological capabilities. Companies buy the best software for the formation of portrayals and odds of sporting events. Such software rarely makes mistakes in terms of determining the probability of a particular outcome. And if machine errors do occur, the betting company has a staff of analysts whose job is to track and correct them.
  • Bookmaker’s margin. In each outcome in the inventory of betting markets laid company commission. That is, at the output you get a quote several percent lower than the net probability of the outcome. When playing at a distance, such percentages are often critical for making a profit.

A bookmaker’s office is not a platform for earning clients, but a commercial enterprise making a profit on the latter. You should not be overconfident and think that you will be among the small percentage of players who will be lucky.
What to do if a player is in a knowingly losing position?
The main thing is to realize the real situation, instead of dreaming about regular super profits on sports betting. To begin with it is necessary to adhere to the following rules and principles:
Play only with free money. In no case do not invest in betting funds needed for other purposes – business, family, medical treatment, recreation, etc.

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Decide on the purpose of he goal of the game – entertainment or earnings. In the first case, a person simply gets pleasure from fan emotions, enhanced by betting on the favorite team. In the second case – hoping to make a profit at a distance.
The systemic nature of the game. If you want to earn, you must develop a betting strategy and act on the financial scheme. The latter is important to distribute the allocated bank for a long period. This will allow you to gain experience in finding valuy odds, improve your own strategy.

How to bet on sports: tips for beginners

The main rule: in order not to go bankrupt, you can not make bets that exceed the limited limit. Starting your career as a bettor, determine the budget that you allocate to your new occupation. Set a limit on the funds you can spend. It’s great if you use 2/3 of your allotted money, and leave 1/3 as an untouchable reserve in case you lose completely.

Making a bet, you must have a game strategy. You can develop it yourself or use already known options. Conventionally, all strategies can be divided into two groups: active and passive. The first involves betting on events, the probability of which is high. The second is the participation in the betting on controversial matches. Enjoy betting on the go with BetWinner mobile for seamless gaming.

It is better to bet in major bookmakers. Bookmakers with a name value their reputation. Faced with a situation where a little-known office offers favorable odds on an event in which you are almost certain, think twice. It could be a swindle of funds. After collecting bets, the scammers simply disappear on the expanses of the World Wide Web.

How a bookmaker’s office works

Depending on what kind of sports experts work in the office, lines of events are compiled. Several outcomes are offered for each of them. It can be a win, a loss of an athlete or a team, a draw or the total of the match.

You should understand that the goal of any bookmaker is to make a profit. He wants to beat you. The bookmakers are based on a mathematical model, which is used to calculate the odds for different bets. The correct calculation of the odds allows the office to make a profit at any outcome of the event.

Undervalued odds and margin

When calculating odds, two indicators are taken as the basis: the probability of the outcome and the margin. The higher the probability that the event will be realized, the lower the odds. Quotes are calculated according to the principle of inverse dependence on the probability of the specified outcome. The odds are lowered to ensure that even if the outcome is guessed, the player receives a minimum profit.

The main source of profit totalizator is a margin. Most betting shops are content with 8-10% as a margin. If the probability of the outcome is estimated at 70%, then the bookmaker will add these 10% to increase his own profit margin. Then the odds are calculated from a probability of 80%.

Bonus programs

Bookmaker’s offices need a constant influx of new players. It is just as important for them to keep bettors who regularly bet money in their orbit. To do this, loyalty programs are developed for the regulars of the BC.

Most often, you become a member of a bonus program automatically as soon as you register on the site. Points are awarded for the bets made. Their amount depends on their type and accepted odds. Usually bookmakers offer tables for calculating bonus points.

You can use the earned bonuses in different ways:

  • pay for bets (part or all of them);
  • increase the final odds;
  • Get discounts on bets.

Using the bonuses is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The terms of the programs are usually very confusing. But it is not worth neglecting the opportunity, which is provided by the bookmaker. It makes sense to understand the table of bonuses, and use them as intended.

“Catch-up” of lost bets

Strategies are called a set of principles to follow in order to avoid bankruptcy if you decide to gamble on bets.

“Catch-up” is a strategy in which the size of the upcoming bet is calculated according to the result obtained in previously made bets. The purpose of the strategy is to recover funds lost as a result of unsuccessful bets. There is a special Martingale formula for a quick “catch-up”. To avoid complicated calculations, use a Martingale “overtake” calculator. It is easy to find one on the Internet.

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