The infamous Candongazo

Probably the name Juan Carreño is not well-known outside of Chilean football. However, it is likely that many people at some moment has watched the video where he became a professional boxer for a few minutes.
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The website also features all the competitions of the Chilean football system.

The 27th of September 1998 would be a day that Carreño would never forget. Back then, he was a striker of Chilean team Huachipato. Also, he was regularly selected for the Chilean national football team. The 1xBet website features all the matches of the Chilean national team, and fans can place their wagers on all of them.

Putting some context

During the qualifiers for the 1998 FIFA World Cup, Iván Zamorano and Marcelo Salas were the undisputed starting forwards for the Chilean squad. The offers lots of chances for wagering on all these exciting qualifiers.

Zamorano and Salas were among the best strikers in the world at that moment. Some of the other Chilean strikers regularly selected for the national team at that moment were:

  • Rodrigo Barrera;
  • Sebastián Rozental;
  • Manuel Neira;
  • and Juan Carreño.

Carreño scored a goal in a qualifying match against Bolivia, this made many people think that he would be selected for the FIFA World Cup. However, when the final squad for the cup was revealed, coach Nelson Acosta left Carreño out. Live bets can also be taken at the 1xBet website while the FIFA World Cup is being played.

Fury in the field

Many people think that being out of the FIFA World Cup made Carreño angry for many months. This, in part, might explain the incident of the 27th of September 1998. The 1xBet app iOS and Android can be downloaded for free, and users can employ them for wagering on Chilean football.

This incident was known as the Candongazo. The name comes from the fact that Carreño was nicknamed Candonga.
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Provincial Osorno was facing Candonga’s team Huachipato. Osorno had a free kick, and Candonga was in the box defending. Suddenly, Carreño punched a rival in his stomach. He got a straight red card

Candonga was walking off the field. He was confronted by Osorno’s goalkeeper Hernán Caputto. The striker became Muhammad Ali for a few seconds, as he made two perfect punches that landed in the keeper’s face.
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A brawl quickly erupted. Lots of Osorno’s players tried to surround Carrreño. However, he started to fight everybody throwing kicks and punches. Probably Candonga could have become an excellent MMA or UFC fighter after that.

Juan Carreño was arrested by the Chilean police, and he was then suspended for six months from all football activity. Owners of iOS and Android devices can install the 1xBet app now, and wager on whether a red card will be shown in a match.

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