The Social Aspect of Gaming: Building Communities and Making Friends Online

Everyone is always talking about how harmful the world of video and online games is, and rarely about how otherwise there are really positive aspects.

Nowadays, thanks to technological advances, online games allow communities to form, and it is true that more than one story is told based on these online communities, stories of lifelong, great friendships.

While there are some spaces that can be known to have a toxic online community, there are also many cool online communities that benefit players in more ways than one:

  • socializing, making friends
  • building relationships
  • sharing experiences
  • community enjoyment
  • developing communication skills.

The exchange of experiences can be useful in the game

If a player joins an online community for a game, the first thing they will notice is that the members of that community tend to focus on game-related topics. Of course, this is logical, since the whole community is based on a common interest.

Help in developing strategies

By becoming a member of a given online community, players can access the insights of more experienced players and share their own views, which they can use to develop a better strategy in the game.

Networking can bring friendships

As mentioned above, in a game-based online community, it’s the game-related topics that come up most often and are the ones that members want to talk about most. This does not mean, however, that other topics are off the table.

Within online communities, friendships can often be formed between two users, as there is a great starting point, a common interest: video games/online gaming. I also have a game-based community that I like, and that’s the online chat platform for a game called Aviator, which I access on the Wazamba casino website. As well as the possibility of friendship between two members, it is also easy to form small groups of friends who can then get together and play together. And this brings us to the point where interpersonal relationships are also nurtured which we know how important they are.

It can even be a trip

Another benefit of making friends in online communities can be that they can put travel opportunities on the horizon. Because, as we know, online communities have the advantage over physical ones in bringing together members from all over the world.

Developing communication skills

By being part of an online community, we can also improve our communication skills. Given that you can join these communities from all over the world, there will clearly be many people whose first language is not English. Members from other mother tongues will also be able to improve their language skills.

Also because of this factor, members can also learn about other cultures. Coming back to communication skills, if a player has to be active in a community on a regular basis, he or she will develop communication skills over time, unintentionally, which can of course be used in a completely different environment.

Everyone needs a sense of belonging

Not everyone may be a believer in online communities, but anyone who has found at least one online community that is of interest to them knows that there can be a lot of positive effects.

There is a reason why online communities were invented – they are in widespread demand. Belonging somewhere, as corny as it may sound, is very important, especially when it comes to building connections and social networking.

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