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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Study Lamp Online

Have you spent hours at your desk with only some small natural light streaming in through the window or just a fluorescent overhead light and ended up with itchy and irritated eyes? While you may think that there is a problem with your eye, the fact of the matter is that it is the poor light that is causing discomfort. One simple way to solve this problem and protect your eyesight is by properly illuminating your study table or work desk. Buy a study lamp online to enhance your study table ambience and visibility. Many people feel that buying a lamp is a simple affair, but many considerations have to be made besides the shape, colour, and size. Here is a guide to help you make the right decision, after which you can check out Wakefit, which has a wide range of options to choose from. 

Why is a Study Lamp Important?

A study table light plays a very important role at home. Firstly, it is placed on a study table or desk and is useful while studying or working when there is not enough natural light available. Sometimes it happens that the overhead light that you have does not give you ample light, so it becomes important to have a task light so that there is enough illumination. The best part of this lamp is that it can be used as an evening or night light or when you are about to go to bed. Often people refrain from using the main light at night as that can disturb the entire family, so a study lamp is enough to perform that function too. 

Another important place where a table lamp becomes useful is the children’s room. When you choose multifunctional modern table lamps for home, they can be used for reading, playing, homework, and also while the child is sleeping. It is always a good idea to have enough lighting in a child’s room, and the lamp should be adjustable and flexible so that the light can be directed where needed. 

Plus, table lamps come with many additional functions. There are options for selecting the temperature of the colour, adjusting brightness, and more. Some of the lamps come with displays that show dates and also come with alarm clocks and more. 

So there are many reasons why you should pick the right table lamp online. While they are decorative, remember that they are a source of light first and not just a gadget. Pay attention to the light parameters before purchasing a lamp.  

How To Select The Perfect Desk Lamp

Choosing the best study lamp for your study room or your home office is quite a challenge. But it becomes simple when you consider certain factors. Here are a few things to consider while buying a study lamp. 


The main purpose of the lamp is to provide light, but you should choose the right one so that it serves its purpose. It is mainly task lighting, and depending on the nature of the work, you should choose something that gives you the best illumination. Table lamps for the living room serve a different purpose and are more decorative when compared to study rooms. Right task lighting can improve productivity, enhance mood, and also reduce eye strain.

The Amount of Light Needed

There is enough evidence to show that poor lighting can cause short-term side effects like eye strain and headaches. This can be prevented by having ample light spread across the study table. The illumination measurement is done on a scale called the lumen. A common range for task lighting is between 1000 and 1400 lumens. Many study table lamps come with dimmer switches to change the amount of light and adjust it to suit your needs. 


The primary job of a desk lamp is to provide light for the study table. The lamp position is one of the main elements that ensures you get the best results from it. A good thumb rule is to place the light at least 15 inches away from the work area. Choose a study lamp with adjustable arms so that you get the desired light. Also, consider the side where the lamp should be placed. For instance, a left-handed person should place the lamp on the right and a right-handed person on the left. 

Lamp types

There are many types of table lamps, like halogen lights, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, full-spectrum lamps, and LED lamps. Depending on the nature of the work and purpose, choose the type of lamp. 

Bulb Type

The bulb you use determines the output of the table lamp. Depending on the objective of your desk, choose a light bulb.

Consider the Materials

Lamps are made of many types of materials. The most common choices are ceramic, plastic, wood, etc. The choice is based on the interior of your home office or study room. 

Size of the Lamp

They come in many sizes, and depending on how big the desk or the study table is, you can choose the best available size. Choose a lamp with a swing arm design if you have a large desk. Choose small bases or clip-on lamps for smaller tables, as space is precious. Also, check the height, as the light should not be positioned in the direct line of sight and should be higher than the head but out of the eyes. 

Lamp Designs

Do you want a table lamp with a snazzy design or a practical one? You should consider the table lamp design carefully before you buy it and ensure that the base is sturdy, no matter what. Also, check if the lamp fits the place so that it does not clutter the table. 

Price and Warranty

Budget is one of the big factors to consider when picking a lamp. Some lamps may be inexpensive but may not have the features you are looking for. While others have a huge price tag and come with many fancy features. So determine the features that you need and the budget, and then decide on making the purchase. Also, consider the warranty so that it is worth the investment. 

To conclude, look for a table lamp that fulfils your requirements before making the purchase. Consider factors like light output, size, design, and price, and pick the best one. 

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