Tips for Accessorizing Bridesmaids Dresses to Suit Each Bride’s Personality

There is a lot to decide on when picking out just the right bridesmaids dresses for your wedding. The colors and styles that you like, the venue that you will be holding your wedding at, the season, and your bridesmaid’s personal preferences are all important things that you need to take into account. The look of the bridal party can set the tone for the entire wedding, and you want them to look and feel just as beautiful as you, after all.

But the dress is not the be-all, end-all of your bridal party ensemble. Have you thought about accessories?

Accessorizing your bridesmaid’s outfits can add so much to the look! Whether it’s a statement necklace, an elegant hairpiece, or a cold-weather accessory like a shrug, the extras your girls will wear alongside their dresses are just as important as the dress itself. 

Picking out accessories that are perfectly suited to your bridesmaids personalities – and their dresses – is a fun way to make them feel special, and to add that extra bit of glamor to your wedding day. Here are a few tips from experts on how to pick out just the right thing to accessorize your bridesmaid’s dresses.

Go With a Theme

Not all of your bridesmaids are necessarily going to love the exact same accessory. However, you still want their outfits to coordinate with the look and feel of your wedding. 

The solution? Give your girls a theme to work within, and let them each pick out an accessory for themselves. That gives each bridesmaid the freedom to choose something she likes, while still sticking with the tone you’ve chosen for your big day.

For example, maybe your rustic wedding was inspired by the look and feel of a European cottage. Dusty florals, hand-woven lace and antique silver accessories would go beautifully with your theme, rather than say, a sparkling gold pair of heels. Let your bridesmaids express their individuality, and you may be surprised by their creative ideas.

If you need help matching your bridesmaids dresses to your theme, Bella Bridesmaids offers a wide selection of colors and fabrics to choose from. Each dress is made to order according to your measurements, and you can order fabric swatches ahead of time to help you accessorize.

Customize Accessories Together

Planning a get-together with your bridesmaids to customize your accessories not only lets each bridesmaid express her individual style, but also makes for a great bonding activity. You can find identical, un-embellished accessories such as bracelets, scarves, or handbags, and spend time together making each piece unique.

This doesn’t have to turn out looking like a kid’s art project, either. Opt for items with interchangeable parts, such as charms or beads for bracelets. You don’t even have to do all of the alterations yourself – there are many stores that offer etching, embroidery, color options, and other customizations to jazz up an accessory. You can make an event of choosing the options you want, and then ordering them as a group.

Less Is More

With all of the options available, though, it can be difficult to narrow it down to just one or two things. Too many accessories can look messy, chaotic, and tacky. But choosing just one may lead to some bridesmaids wearing something that they don’t like or feel comfortable in. 

The solution? Pick out two to three accessories that fit with your theme, and ask each of your bridesmaid’s to select one (or two at the most) that they would prefer to wear. When adding multiple accessories, make sure that none of the pieces are too flashy or elaborate. Keeping it simple is always the more stylish option.

Ask Your Bridesmaids 

The best way to make sure each bridesmaid feels beautiful and stylish on your wedding day? Ask them what they prefer. Each person is going to have different opinions about what is most comfortable, what they can afford, or what best suits their body type and style. 

If you are receiving pushback on a particular accessory, it’s better to ask why and listen carefully to the answer, rather than insisting upon it. Your relationship with your best friends will always come before something as temporary as an accessory.


Regardless of what you choose, your bridesmaids will love that you took the time to consider their individual tastes and needs. These items may just seem like accessories, but to your friends and family, they will cherish them as reminders of how much they love you and how wonderful it was to celebrate your big day with you.

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