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Ways to get traffic from Reddit

Reddit is a very popular social news site that has recently grown into a unique social network. Everyone who spends at least 10-15 minutes daily on YouTube is familiar with it – plums of movie plots, smartphone designs, and other relevant information comes to us from there. From this article you will learn how to buy reddit upvotes and boost your project.

What kinds of accounts there are on Reddit?

As on similar “forums” of the social type, accounts are divided into two types: authoritative users and newcomers.

The first is high karma (from a thousand points) and higher comment karma (from a hundred points). An ideal account to start targeted promotion and get traffic from the States. Buy similar, quite realistic (it makes sense to look through foreign forums – perhaps sold by someone; or on domestic resources). Want to develop my own – please, but it will take one year.

The positive point – it doesn’t matter how old the account is, what matters is how often he posts news, comments – how active online life is.

To get the influx of the first visitors we need 5+ accounts. Needed for posting the same articles in 5+ different subreddits during the day. Will also need an official account – answers to questions, suggestions.

Internal structure of the resource

The main goal is to create “subreddits” – posts for specific interests. People from all over the world exchange comments (reviews, personal experiences, cases, etc.). 

User faces two types of karma:

  • Post-karma – created a post (popular or not so popular), received a “+” or “-” for it;
  • Comment-karma – you wrote a comment on your own or someone else’s post, found a response in other people’s eyes, earned karma.

Ways to get traffic

Determine what we have:

  • 5-6 “pumped up” accounts of one year or older, karma of one thousand and comment karma of one hundred.
  • 5-6 newbies. Age, karma, and other indicators are at a minimum.

In the first case, the scheme looks like this:

  • We are looking for a subreddit that is in demand. The more popular among users, the better. 1, 10, 100 thousand subscribers = a large amount of potential traffic;
  • Make thematic publications;
  • Writing comments;
  • So that they are not lost against the background of other content from other visitors – tapping from 100 to 1000 likes (upvotes);
  • We receive traffic;
  • Monetize it at your discretion.

The second case:

  • We found an unpopular subreddit;
  • Write a post;
  • Writing active comments;
  • Accrues 5-30 likes (upvotes);
  • Attract traffic to the site;
  • Monetize, profit!

Reddit is an amazing resource, and with the right approach, traffic to your project can grow at times, dozens of times in a matter of hours. Take precautions, move it to a high-performance hosting (or server), don’t lose visitors. Sometimes the effect of a sudden influx of traffic from Reddit is comparable to the consequences of a DoS-attack, the server can simply not cope with the load.

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