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Artificial and Human Intelligence synergy for managing social networks

Time is one of the most important advantages of CONTENIVE.

First, the entire functionality of the service is focused on saving time for clients, which they can devote to something more pleasant and useful. All work on the maintenance of accounts in social networks is transferred into the warm hands of professionals in CONTENIVE with extensive experience and knowledge in the field.

If the client wishes, he may never visit his account on a social network or CONTENIVE, and the development will remain in full swing.

The second important advantage of CONTENIVE is cost-effectiveness. Any work done manually requires a good remuneration, which is why freelancers or SMM agencies will be many times more expensive than the services on CONTENIVE since this service is dominated by artificial intelligence.

At such a low price, the customer gets access to full autonomous social media accounts, which are also more developed, thanks to artificial intelligence’s analytical abilities.

According to 1,500 CONTENIVE customers surveyed, their time on social media was reduced by 93%, and their resource consumption was reduced by 76%.

What does a customer get for only $369?

Although CONTENIVE allows us to fully manage your social media accounts without your participation, the service also has some special features for users, thanks to which you can view new posts and make corrections or check statistics, if necessary. The visual interface is intuitively understandable and easy to use, which makes navigation between relevant information instantaneous.
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  • Experienced specialists.

The CONTENIVE team comprises experienced professionals who have been working in social networks for a long time. As professionals from various sectors, each can make a great contribution, both in creating quality content and improving the service in general.

  • Innovative artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the superior artificial intelligence of CONTENIVE, a colossal part of the work is done with the program’s help, reducing the time to create content for clients. Artificial intelligence CONTENIVE performs a lot of analytics on social networks, the popularity of different topics, and even when it is best to publish posts, which it does independently.

All in one
The big difference between CONTENIVE and freelancers with SMM agencies is that the service has everything on one site.

When working with freelancers, you must either pay extra for each individual task or hire another freelancer, analyze results and trends, and manage content writing, scheduling, and placement of the final publication. These basic functions will already take much more money than CONTENIVE.

SMM agencies are more organized but use different services, which require prepayment. So, a month of work with an SMM agency will be spent four times more resources than with CONTENIVE.

In CONTENIVE, you can monitor the analytics of your accounts, publish content and contact copywriters to suggest or change something, or maybe provide material for your brand, all on one platform.

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