What You Should Know About Arc Welding

Are you looking for an arc welding machine with affordable prices? Here are some of the reasons why the prices vary.

Welding is a fusion process that joins two pieces of metals, with power supply that creates a rigorous heat of approximately 6500°F which melts the metal at the joint between two work pieces.
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This process requires a welding machine. The prices of these machines vary due to theirdifferent features, performance score and companies that manufacture them.
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In this article, we will focus on the Arc Welding Machines.

Features of an arc welding machine

Some common features of the arc welding machine are;

User-friendly and requires very minimal operating training

Weighs 5kilograms, making it very portable.

Has a carrying handle that makes it easily portable

It comes with a single- phase inverter and an input current

You can use the inverter with a household current.

Performance score

  • This arc welding machine uses an Alternating Current and Direct Current inverter.
  • Before you weld, you will need to connect the welding machine to a power source.
  • Arc welding machine requires socket with 220v or even more which makes it vary in price.
  • It has high capacity for electricity and precision which offers fewer distortions to the metals being welded.
  • Can work under any climatic condition; whether is raining or sunny.
  • Arc welding machine is easy to use and easily portable.


Arc welding machine price in Kenya may also be affected by demand. When there is more demand of these machines, their prices are always increased by either the manufacturers or even stores from which they are being sold because the clients or the buyers have less options and the supply of the machines is limited.

In times when their demand is low, their prices are always decreased for the fewer clients who have many options and stores to buy from.

Current the machine can generate

The price of welding machines is greatly influenced by the current they generate. Thick metals always require rigorous current for proper welding. On the contrary some metals are thin and therefore require regulated amount of heat thus requiring special and sensitive machines that can provide the right amount of heat. With this in mind, it’s best to keep attention to the size of the metal so as to be accurate on the right machine to purchase. This is a major factor that greatly influences the Arc welding machine price in Kenya. Arc welding machine generating minimal heat are generally cheaper compared to those generating more heat.

In conclusion, considering the differences in the machines, the features, brands and the performance Scoreresultsto the welding machines having different prices.Although the prices vary from one machine to the other they are in a price range that is affordable.
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In case you are intending to purchase an arc welding machine, it is important to do comparison for prices offered in different market places. It is also important to have prior knowledge on how an original arch welding machine looks like to avoid buy counterfeits.  For more check prices of Welding machines in Kenya.

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