10 Virtual Classroom Tips for Students 2022

To most students, virtual learning can never fill the shoes of traditional classrooms. They consider online classes a trend that will eventually fade away when the world returns to its status quo during the pre-covid time. While e-learning exists, there are some essential tips that students need to imbibe to get the best out of their virtual classes. They include-

Tip #1: Time management

Prioritizing your work for each day and doing class tasks promptly prevents procrastination and stress. Time management goes beyond attending to class tasks timely and extends to extracurricular activities and assignments.

Do not mistake mismanaging your free time and expecting to compensate for it via your study time.

Tip #2: Accountability

During physical learning, teachers ensure that their students are accountable by monitoring their attention in class or ensuring their class tasks are attended to within the duration they allot to it.

In an online class(kelas online), doing the above may be almost impossible, and as such, you are to be accountable to yourself to ensure your overall success. You can also get a colleague in class that you can report to. Doing this will help you stay committed to your educational goals. 

Tip #3: Look good

Being in a virtual classroom is no excuse to wear your nightwear or look shabbily or indecently. Indecent dressing can distract others and yourself, especially when you get called out on it.

Tip #4: Focus

 To get the best out of your online learning (belajar online) experience, you are to give out the same level of attention that you would give out in a physical classroom.

Tip #5: Learning Space

Studies have shown that when students set out personal space in their home for learning or studying, they are bound to be more focused whenever they use the area. The place doesn’t have to be an entire room; It can be where you have your reading chair and desk in your home, and it has to be quiet.

Tip #6: Be organized

Having a to-do list and sticking to it can help the student achieve organization. This way, your time could be adequately structured, and you can maximize the best out of your virtual learning experience.

Tip #7: Socialize

Online classrooms are no different from physical classrooms in most aspects. However, the lack of physical contact should not stop you from sending a message to your class best friend or even playing games with school buddies during the break period.

Tip #8: Participate

The only way to fully grasp the subject matter you are being taught as a student is to participate actively. Ask questions on grey areas and attend to assessments when given.

Tip #9: Decorum

Observe decorum during your classes. For example, your class session is not the time to play loud music in your room or talk to family members in your home.

It is even advised to have your audio muted except when you are asked a question or about to answer one. This is to prevent yourself from distracting others, whether intentionally or inadvertently.

Tip #10: Take notes

It is an online classroom does not mean you should quit taking notes. If you took notes during physical classes, do the same during virtual ones. You can use a notepad to jot down salient points or information for onward review later.

Final Thoughts

While virtual learning is all we have as an alternative to traditional classrooms, it does not have to seem like a death sentence to students If it can be embraced with open arms. The sole aim of online learning is to continue education amidst issues such as the pandemic. It would be a shame to defeat that purpose and use the same virtual learning as an excuse to leave the mind undeveloped. Therefore, when you decide to implement the above tips, you will understand that online classrooms serve the same purpose as traditional classrooms and are even more convenient.

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