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7 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Subscribers 100k In 2023 ( Instant Active Subscirbers )

Are you looking to grow your online presence and take your YouTube channel to new heights? Buy YouTube subscribers 100k, as it can be a game-changer for your channel and business. With increased credibility and potential monetisation avenues, it’s a powerful strategy for channel growth. Buy YouTube Subscribers 100k and elevate your online presence instantly with We’re the go-to site to buy YouTube Subscribers 100k, offering a trusted, fast, and effective solution to boost your subscriber count and drive your channel to new heights. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a splash in the digital world – choose today!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through purchasing 100k subscribers safely in 2023 and unveil the top sites to make it happen.

Quick Overview Of Sites To Buy YouTube Subscribers 100k

#1. Thunderclap.It

👉Score – 9.8/10

Thunderclap.It is a comprehensive platform for buying YouTube subscribers and other social media services. The platform offers features such as:

  •  Generating campaigns
  • Monitoring performance
  • Managing multiple accounts
  • Providing analytics and insights to assist users in optimising their campaigns.

This platform enables users to create campaigns and distribute them to their followers. When followers sign up for the campaign, they are asked to share the message with their contacts, creating a “thunderclap” of support. Thunderclap.It helps users expand their reach, enhance engagement, and cultivate brand recognition.


  • Real Social Engagement
  • Customisable Packages
  • Fast Delivery
  • Secure Transactions


  • No payment option in Bitcoin. 

#2. GPC.FM

👉Score – 9.5/10

GPC.FM offers affordable packages and a user-friendly interface for purchasing YouTube subscribers. This platform provides the capability to purchase Instagram followers, likes, and views, catering to various social media growth needs.

With competitive pricing and a user-friendly interface, GPC.FM is an excellent choice for purchasing YouTube subscribers. Their service suits YouTube channels of varying sizes and budgets, making it an ideal option for many creators.


  • Real Social Engagement
  • Fast and Reliable
  • Targeted Approach
  • Secure and Confidential


  • Limited options to buy using crypto 


👉Score – 9.3/10 specialises in providing high-quality YouTube subscribers and additional growth services. Their focus on top-notch subscribers ensures your channel receives authentic individuals with genuine accounts. In addition to its core services, offers services such as purchasing Instagram followers, likes, and comments.

By choosing, you invest in high-quality subscribers and other growth services to ensure the long-term success of your YouTube channel. Their commitment to quality and broad range of services make them an attractive option for channel growth.


  • Real Social Engagement
  • Targeted Packages
  • Quick Delivery
  • Reliable Customer Support


  • Limited targeted buying option 


👉Score – 9.2/10 offers the following services:

  • Facilitates direct dealing between buyers and sellers without commission
  • Offers tailored packages and a money-back guarantee for YouTube subscriber purchases
  • Functions as a crowd-speaking platform for disseminating messages
  • Provides Instagram growth services

With customised packages and a money-back guarantee, is a reliable option for purchasing YouTube subscribers. 


  • Cost-effective TikTok followers
  • Genuine and engaged followers
  • Google review services
  • Round-the-clock customer support


  • The quality of followers may not be exceptional
  • Limited payment options are available

#5. Instagram Likes Now

👉Score – 9.1/10

Instagram Likes Now provides the following features:

  •  Genuine subscribers
  • Attentive customer support for YouTube channel growth
  • Ability to observe the likes on your own posts and other users’ posts
  • Option to conceal or reveal the like count on your posts

By choosing Instagram Likes Now, you invest in genuine subscribers and a platform that offers excellent customer support. Their focus on real user engagement and transparency makes them a top choice for purchasing YouTube subscribers.


  • Flexible plans that can be customised
  • Affordable pricing options
  • Money-back guarantee for added assurance


  • Customer support response time may be delayed
  • Potential variation in the quality of followers

#6. Insta Quick

👉Score – 9.0/10

Insta Quick is an excellent option for purchasing YouTube subscribers. Their commitment to quality and efficiency makes them a top choice for channel growth. Their platform offers:

  •  Customised packages
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Secure transactions
  • Flexibility to suit a variety of needs


  • Genuine followers
  • No fake followers or bots
  • Quick delivery
  • Responsive customer support


  • Absence of refund policy

#7. ViralHappen

👉Score – 9.0/10

ViralHappen focuses on organic growth strategies and real user engagement for YouTube channels. They provide a variety of services, including:

  • Targeted campaigns
  • Content optimisation
  • Comment moderation
  • User interaction

By utilising these services, you can effectively grow your YouTube channel and engage with your audience meaningfully.

By choosing ViralHappen, you invest in a platform emphasising organic growth strategies and real user engagement. Their focus on sustainable growth and user interaction makes them an excellent choice for purchasing YouTube subscribers.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Instantaneous delivery


  • Potential variability in follower quality
  • Customer support concerns

Key Takeaways

  • Reaching 100k subscribers on YouTube can provide numerous advantages.
  • Choosing a reputable provider with high-quality subscribers and secure transactions is essential for successful channel growth.
  • Be aware of legal considerations and YouTube’s terms of service when purchasing subscribers to avoid penalties or termination.

The Benefits of Having 100k YouTube Subscribers

Having a YouTube channel with 100k subscribers offers several benefits:

  • Boosts your credibility and online presence
  • Shows that your content is worth watching
  • Attract a larger audience to your videos
  • Increases audience engagement
  • Opens doors to potential revenue streams such as advertisements, sponsored content, merchandise sales, and channel memberships.

Before buying subscribers, assess your channel’s niche, audience demographics, and engagement metrics. Individuals and businesses may purchase YouTube channels with 100k subscribers to pursue their passions or broaden brand awareness. Reputable providers can deliver subscribers quickly and safely, giving your channel the boost it needs.

Choosing the Right Provider for Buying YouTube Subscribers

Choosing an appropriate provider to gain high-quality YouTube subscribers is vital for the prosperity of your channel. Evaluating factors such as reputation, subscriber quality, and pricing ensures you make an informed choice. YouTube creators should also consider service delivery speed, customer support availability, and potential risks when choosing a provider.

Reputable service providers like Thunderclap.It, GPC.FM,,, Instagram Likes Now, Insta Quick, and ViralHappen offer high-quality services, ensuring real and genuine subscribers, increased credibility, timely delivery, flexible pricing, attentive customer support, secure transactions, and a money-back guarantee. Before making a choice, compare all the available sites to find the best fit for your needs.

Reputation and Reviews

Ensure a secure and efficient transaction by giving weight to reputation and reviews when choosing a provider to buy YouTube subscribers. Conducting extensive research and evaluating multiple sources before making a decision ensures that you make an informed choice and select the most suitable provider for your requirements. This research will help you grow your online presence quickly and hassle-free.

Always consider the reputation and reviews of a provider when selecting one for buying YouTube subscribers. By doing so, you ensure a secure and effective purchase, which ultimately leads to a successful channel.

Subscriber Quality

Maintaining subscriber quality is key to continuous channel growth and avoiding possible penalties from YouTube. Choosing a reputable provider ensures a hassle-free experience. Buying low-quality subscribers or employing bots can adversely affect your channel’s reputation, reducing engagement and viewership.

To circumvent these issues and uphold high-quality subscriber growth, consider buying subscribers from trustable providers. When assessing potential subscribers, consider those with a track record of interacting with your content, have a significant amount of views and likes on their videos, and have a positive standing on YouTube. It’s essential to buy subscribers who meet these criteria to ensure long-term success.

Pricing and Packages

To find an option that fits your needs and budget, compare pricing and packages across various sites. Take the time to explore the pricing and packages offered by various providers before deciding.

Reputable sites typically provide secure and convenient payment options, including credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies. Providers like Thunderclap.It, GPC.FM,,, Instagram Likes Now, Insta Quick, and ViralHappen offer packages that are both affordable and suitable for YouTube channels of varying sizes and budgets.

Safeguarding Your Channel During the Purchase Process

It is paramount to protect your channel during the purchase process. Conducting due diligence, verifying the legitimacy of the channel and its subscriber count, and examining the channel’s performance metrics ensure that your channel remains secure. Views, watch time, and engagement rates are crucial factors when assessing a YouTube channel’s success, revenue streams, and development prospects.

Taking proper measures to guarantee that subscribers are being provided gradually prevents YouTube from suspecting the purchase of subscribers. Be aware of YouTube’s terms of service, as a strike on your channel can result in account termination or suspension. A strike will remain in a channel’s history for a period of three months.

Key Strategies to Maximize Subscriber Retention and Engagement

After buying subscribers, it becomes imperative to optimise subscriber retention and engagement. Here are some key strategies to achieve this:

  1. Develop a content strategy
  2. Optimise video descriptions
  3. Foster a community around your channel
  4. Engage with subscribers by responding to comments
  5. Solicit feedback from your audience
  6. Organise live streams or Q&A sessions to boost interaction.

By implementing these strategies, you can improve subscriber retention and engagement on your channel.

Consistently producing high-quality content and actively engaging with your audience helps maintain your subscribers and keeps them interested in your channel. By implementing these strategies, your channel will continue to grow and thrive after purchasing subscribers.

Monitoring Your Channel’s Performance and Growth

Keeping track of your channel’s performance and growth is essential to pinpoint areas for improvement and gauge the success of your subscriber purchase. Regularly reviewing and analysing metrics such as:

  • video views
  • likes
  • comments
  • shares

can provide insight into which videos are performing well and can inform content strategy decisions.

Tracking the growth of your channel and making informed decisions for optimising your content ensures continued success. By monitoring performance metrics, you can adjust your strategies accordingly and capitalise on the benefits of your purchased subscribers.

Legal Considerations and YouTube’s Terms of Service

When purchasing subscribers, being conscious of legal considerations and acknowledging YouTube’s terms of service is significant. YouTube expressly forbids the purchase and sale of channels, and the platform has been known to take action against accounts that participate in this activity. Additionally, there may be legal matters related to copyright, ownership of video content, and other intellectual property rights that should be considered.

Purchased subscribers may be removed, and the channel may be terminated if YouTube’s terms of service are not adhered to. To avoid potential penalties or channel termination, make sure you purchase subscribers from reputable providers and comply with YouTube’s terms of service.


In conclusion, buying 100k YouTube subscribers can be a powerful strategy to grow your channel and boost your online presence. By carefully selecting a reputable provider, conducting due diligence, and implementing strategies to maximise subscriber retention and engagement, you can ensure the long-term success of your channel. Use this guide to navigate the process and make an informed decision when purchasing subscribers in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a YouTube channel with 100k subscribers?

Buying a YouTube channel with 100k subscribers can be a viable option for individuals and businesses, offering instant access to an engaged audience, potential revenue streams, and increased brand visibility.

How much do 100k subscribers on YouTube pay?

YouTubers with 100,000 subscribers could make up to $93,600 per year in AdSense revenue if all their subscribers view their videos. This comes to around $2,400 to $4,000 per month in ad revenue.

Who got the fastest 100k subscribers on YouTube?

Gaurav achieved the fastest 100k subscribers on YouTube, taking only 98 minutes to hit the milestone with his third YouTube channel, “Rasbhari Ke Papa”.

How much do 10k subscribers earn?

A YouTube channel with 10,000 subscribers can earn $1,000 to $5,000 per video through brand sponsorships alone. This makes an average of around $200 per video. With further monetisation, the amount earned may be higher.

What are the benefits of having 100k YouTube subscribers?

Having 100k YouTube subscribers offers increased credibility and engagement, as well as potential revenue opportunities through advertisements, sponsored content, merchandise sales, and channel memberships.


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