Best Makeup Tutorial for mature skin Best makeup tutorial for mature skin

There are many makeup tutorials available on the internet for young and modern ladies.
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But it is very tough to find a decent makeup tutorial for mature skin.

Let us show you the best makeup tutorial for your mature skin so that you can glam and shine wherever you go!. Here I have given you the perfect guide for a makeup tutorial for mature skin. So let’s take a look.

Make a glowing base

Undoubtedly, following a dedicated skincare routine is one of the most essential strategies to get a healthy complexion to get the best you have. It is best to apply a thin layer of moisturizer to get the perfect balance for a dewy finish.

After applying the moisturizer, you can highlight and target the dry and fine line areas of your face. To watch the best makeup tutorials for mature skin, you can get here.

Cover Up

After the base is done, you can now even out your skin tone or apply foundation to avoid a plastered look. Furthermore, use a lightweight creamy concealer on your higher pigmented areas. Finally, it would be best if you covered the under and inner corners for your eyes to veil your dark circles.

Getting the shape

After the face is done, take your foundation brush and start blending around the neck, so it doesn’t look obvious. Moreover, now choosing the right bronzer is another important decision you cannot mess up. For a detailed and perfect guide, you can look at our best makeup tutorials for mature skin to help select the best bronzer according to your skin tone.

After choosing the right bronzer, start swindling it under the cheekbone, across the forehead, and under the jawline for a chiseled and natural glow on your skin. Moreover, apply blush at the top of your cheekbone and blend inward.


Start with curling your eyelashes and make them look as big as possible. Next, try creating a perfect and balanced contrast between the eye color and eyeliner. Coming to the eyebrows, Fill in every arch of your eyebrow to give a perfect and sleek look without looking too artificial.

Balancing the Lips

Balance out your makeup by applying a lip pencil with the right amount of slip. To get the perfect symmetry, it is recommended to draw four different strokes starting from each of the four outer corners of your lips and drawing towards the Cupid’s Bow or the center of the bottom lips.

Apply lipstick in the same pattern and use a lip brush to diffuse the edges for a subtle and soft look. After painting on lipstick, add a gloss to give volume and definition, but make sure it is not too heavy or sticky.


As we discussed on the best makeup guide for mature skin, you’re good to go with a perfectly balanced makeup guide. However, it is important to know to choose the right bronzer and foundation that suits your skin tone to give your skin a natural look.
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