Common IP Address Issues and How to Resolve Them

There are various IP address issues that you might encounter. Sometimes, IP-related issues may require a few clicks here and there to resolve the issue.
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In this article, we’ll discuss the common ones and how to resolve them.

Exhaustion of IP Addresses

To troubleshoot or detect this issue, use the ipconfig command. If a device or workstation is assigned to an IP address starting with 169.nn, this means that initially there was no IP address from the server, so the device assigned itself to that IP address.

  • Cause

This often happens to those using cable internet with no local router. So, your devices are allocated IP addresses on a limited basis from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

  • Fix

The best way to resolve this issue is to buy a standalone router. You can also buy a standalone WiFi access point that has an integrated router. So, you get a large number of internal IP addresses for all your devices, thus ensuring that your IP addresses never get exhausted.

But if you already have your router with DHCP, the default IP address pool for the router might not be enough for you. Go to the DHCP settings of the router and adjust the size of the IP address pool so you get enough IP addresses for your devices.

Duplicate IP Addresses 

You get duplicate IP address issues when two devices try to use or share a single IP address. This error prevents the device from accessing the network.

  • Cause

This error is mostly from the default Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) configuration of your router. Your router’s DHCP is most likely attempting to assign the new device to an address at the beginning of your network subnet. The issue then comes up because an earlier connected device is already occupying the low-numbered addresses with static IPs.
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  • Fix

The new device you are trying to introduce to the network may have its DHCP server. You can disable the DHCP server on the device to resolve the issue.

To prevent this from happening another time, you can configure your router to assign DHCP addresses near the top of the subnet so that it can reserve lower subnet addresses for devices that need static IP.

DNS Issues 

When you get error messages like “IP Address not found,” “No DNS name found,” “No network path” and others, you are having a DNS issue. You can use the “nslookup” command line prompt to show the DNS settings of the workstation.
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  • Fix

You can resolve this issue by configuring your device to use its DNS server instead of the DHCP assigned server.

Check the TCP / IP setting of your adapter to check if there is a wrong DNS server. Then prompt the device to obtain the DNS server address automatically.

You can also configure your local router to create a DNS passthrough to your ISP servers, thus serving as a DNS server. But this fix could overload your local router if it is a busy network. You can change the DHCP settings of the network to directly access the DNS servers.


Finally, if your IP address has issues, you can visit a tech expert. Aside from that, a tech expert can also disclose your IP address for you. Therefore you don’t need to ask a friend or neighbor ” what is my ip “.

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