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Gurukiran Whole life and career in a short view:-
One of the major versatile personality of the south Indian film industry in where he predominantly work for the Kannada music industry. At the same time, he is well known as an actor as well and from this point of view, he is considered as the model of the industry’s new comers. Although, this person is pretty much senior now but he still serving the new generation by advising with the new pattern of the acting and singing. Meanwhile, this person is a music director also by which he took himself in the whole new level of creative world of film industry.
This may look like so easy for anyone to gain such place in the industry but the people who keep the least news about music or film industry, they know about the dedication and practice of the people like this. When we have come to know about this person about his whole life and career then we should take a look on the gainings of this man through the awards he gained so far. This is better to say that, awards are the only thing by which a creative person get the inspiration to make thing better for the fans.

Gurukiran Track List:

Song Name Links
Hodi Maga Download
Ko Ko Koli Download
Pesallagi Order Kotte Download
Chappale Download
Langa Daavani Download
Machchi Machchi Download
Shakalaka Umma Download
Indu Enage Govinda Download
Vottal Kannole Download
Oho Nasheyo Download
Rathri Yella Download

Gurukiran Movie List:

Movie Name Year
Aake 2017
Chowka 2017
Nagarahavu 2016
Uppi 2 2015
A 2nd Hand Lover 2015
Aarambha 2015
Rangan Style 2014
Brahma 2014
Dasavala 2013
Charminar 2013
Lakshmi 2013
Telikeda Bolli 2012
Shiva 2012
Sagar 2012
Villain 2012
Govindaya Namaha 2012
Arakshaka 2012
Mylari 2010
Mr. Theertha 2010
Shankar IPS 2010
Sugreeva 2010
Aptharakshaka 2010
Jeeva 2009
Bhimoos Bang Bang 2009
Yuva 2009
Thaakath 2009
Ghauttham 2009
Kempa 2009
Gulama 2009
Anthu Inthu Preethi Banthu 2008
Nee Tata Naa Birla 2008
Aramane 2008
Satya In Love 2008
Bindaas 2008
Beladingalagi Baa 2008
Lava Kusha 2007
Sathyavan Savithri 2007
Santha 2007
Masti 2007
Pallakki 2007
Ekadantha 2007
Gandugali Kumara Rama 2006
Ganda Hendathi 2006
Chellata 2006
Mandya 2006
Shubham 2005
Rama Shama Bhama 2005
Nammanna 2005
Swamy 2005
Namma Basava 2005
Auto Shankar 2005
Jogi 2005
News 2005
Valmiki 2005
Sye 2005
Aadi 2005
Rishi 2005
Maurya 2004
Omkara 2004
Apthamitra 2004
Kanti 2004
Gokarna 2003
Partha 2003
Khushi 2003
Abhi 2003
Kutumba 2003
Kariya 2003
Love U 2003
Nandhi 2002
Hollywood 2002
Dhumm 2002
Nata 2002
Dhruva 2002
Thuntata 2002
Chandu 2002
Ninagagi 2002
Appu 2002
Majnu 2001
Chithra 2001
Premi No. 1 2001
Asura 2001
Upendra 1999
Idhu Entha Premavaya 1999
A 1998

Gurukiran Awards:

So here are the awards names by which you are also going to have the idea about the quality of working of this man:

Karnataka State Film Awards:

– “Karnataka State Film Award” of 2011 in the category of “Best Music Director” for the film “Mylari”

South Indian International Movie Awards:

– “SIIMA Award for Best Music Director” in the year of 2012 (This one is still pending) for the film “Govindaya Namaha”

Filmfare Awards South:

– “Filmfare Award for Best Music Director” in the year of 2001 for the Kannada film “Chitra”
– “Filmfare Award” in the category of “Best Music Director” and this was from the time of 2002, this is also from from Kannada film “Dhum”
– “Filmfare Award” for “Best Music Director” in the year of 2004 for Kannada film “Apthamitra”

Srigandha Awards:

– Best Music Director of 2011 for the film “Chitra”
– Best Music Director of 2004 “Apthamitra”
– Best Music Director in the year of 2006 and the film was “Jogi”

Here are some of the other prestigious awards:

– “Nava Yuva Prathibe award” for the best entry in the TV Industry through the acting and Music and this award he gained in the year of 1994.
– “Chitra Premigala Prashasthi” and “Indira Priyadarshani Prashasthi award” for “Pavithra” and “Jeevan Chakra” Kannada TV serials in the time of 1996.
– “Aryabhata Award” for the title music of “Balabeladingalu” and the time was 2000.
– “Kannada Chitra Premigala Prashasthi” for the well known film “Chitra” in 2001.
– “Gandhinagar Prashasthi” & “Suryodhaya Prashasthi 2002” for Best Music Director for the film “Appu” in 2002.
– “Gandhinagar Award” for “Best Playback Singer” for the song “Maathadu Saaku” for the film “Kariya” in the year of 2003.
– “Chitra Rasikara Sanga award” for Best Music Director, for the same “Apthamitra” in 2004.
– “Sri Rajiv Gandhi memorial award” for his excellency on the music this award he gained in the year of 2005.
– “Sri Balindra award” for his excellency in the music in 2005.
– “Karavali Mutthu award” for his excellency in music in the time of 2005.
– “ETV Award” for his Best Music Direction on the other hand, for the blockbuster hit “Jogi” in 2006.

So here are all the things about the person we are talking about and if you are looking for more then you better make your search further for the better information.

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*** Gurukiran – Wikipedia

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