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Arjun Janya

Arjun Janya Whole life and career in a short view:-
This is one of the heavyweight personality of the music and film industry in the south India who works for the music as well as for the movies. From th starting of his career he had created so many successful songs and souths music fans hardly can forget about them. When those are really enjoyable for the fans. Before we mention anything more about him, we better take a view to the songs name of this man by which you may remember the names of songs and realize that who this man really is.
Here are those songs which he created so far:

Arjun Janya Track List::

Song Name Links
 Pataki Theme Download
 Belagageddu Coffee Download
 Gowramma Baramma Download
 Manethanka Baare Download
 OOta Madro Dayavittu Download

Arjun Janya Movie List::

Movie Name Year
Tarak 2017
Sathya Harishchandra 2017
Raj Vishnu 2017
Naane Next CM 2017
Dandupalya 2 2017
Tiger 2017
Sarkari Kelasa Devara Kelasa 2017
Pataki 2017
Raaga 2017
Chowka 2017
Chakravarthy 2017
Hebbuli 2017
John Jani Janardhan 2016
Mukunda Murari 2016
Mungaru Male 2 2016
Kalpana 2 2016
Lakshmana 2016
Jigarthanda 2016
Jai Maruthi 800 2016
Style King 2016
Ricky 2016
Ganga 2015
Dove 2015
Arjuna 2015
Bullet Basya 2015
RX Soori 2015
Goa 2015
DK 2015
Jackson 2015
Neenade Naa 2014
Simhadri 2014
Paramashiva 2014
Tirupathi Express 2014
Super Ranga 2014
Adyaksha 2014
Paru Wife of Devadas 2014
Maanikya 2014
Darling 2014
Dil Rangeela 2014
Bhajarangi 2013
Chaddi Dosth 2013
Dilwala 2013
Barfi 2013
Case No. 18/9 2013
Victory 2013
Jayammana Maga 2013
Auto Raja 2013
Chathrigalu Saar Chathrigalu 2013
Rajanikantha 2013
Varadanayaka 2013
Rambo 2012
18th Cross 2012
Romeo 2012
Dandupalya 2012
Alemaari 2012
Lucky 2012
Thuglak 2012
Kempegowda 2011
Rajadhani 2011
Jarasandha 2011
Gubbi 2010
Nam Areali Ondina 2010
Sanchari  2010
Birugaali 2009
Machcha 2009
Dheena 2008
Slum Bala 2008
Dheemaku 2008
Patre Loves Padma 2008
Yuga 2007
Baba 2007
Autograph Please 2006

Arjun Janya Awards

When we have come to see the career of this man then it is better to mention the names of the awards as well. Here are those awards which he had gained so far as the confessional certificates of his working:

– “South Scope Award” in the category of “Best Music Director” in the year of 2009

– “Suvarna Award” for “Best Song” in 2010

– “South Scope Award” for “Best Stylish Music Album” in 2011

– “Kadiri Award” in the category of “Best Music Director” in the same time of previous one.

– “Karnataka State Film Award” for the “Best Music Director”

– “SIIMA Award” in the category of “Best Music Director” in the time of 2012.

– “SIIMA Award” for “Best Male Playback Singer” in the time of 2013.

– “Filmfare Award” for “Best Music Director of Kannada” and the time was 2013.

Here are all the basic information you can see about “Arjun Janya” and it is better to confess in the same time that when you are thinking that, there could be more information about him then it is better to say for you that we have only upholded the basics about that man. So, if you need more then you better keep your search on about him and we hope you are going to have your expected information which you are looking for.

*** Arjun Janya Social Page – Facebook, Twitter

*** Arjun Janya – Wikipedia

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