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Is SEO still relevant in 2022


Artificial intelligence, voice and video search, social media. Every year, it seems that SEO is ready to go. Replace industry with a history of more than 25 years with better, more innovative alternatives that promise to leave behind. So will SEO end in 2022? Again, the answer is no.

This article is written by GA Agency, an agency headquartered in London that provides SEO consulting services.  GA Agency is a multilingual SEO agency with many years of experience working with many leading international brands.

Will SEO still be relevant in 2022?

Although some SEO strategies that were useful in the past have stopped working, SEO continues to evolve. Constantly reinventing ineffective tactics, eliminating spam, trying and matching the user’s intentions better.

A look at Google Trends for questions like SEO Agency and SEO Consultant shows a significant upward trend. Meaning SEO is not a dying industry. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

Why SEO is not dead.

Like many industries, there are many misconceptions about SEO.  Businesses that have been “burned out” by inefficient agencies or become victims of outreach emails. While it promises to rank all over the world at ridiculous prices, it only serves as insufficient SEO or a waste of money.
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A well thought out SEO strategy for any online marketing budget is still one of the most scalable and cost effective investments.

SEO forces you to understand your audience.

Instead of looking at your PPC and marketing costs as competition and money, SEO should represent a complementary voice in every digital marketing budget. Researching each keyword and exploring the broader user intent involved in mapping will go a long way. Help your brand understand your audience and the nature of their online activity.
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Whether it’s informational, transactional, or shipping. Incorporating keywords into your landing page copy will also increase your Google Ad Quality Score, resulting in better placements and lower CPCs.

Authoritativeness and authenticity

While pay-per-click and social media sponsorships are great tools for boosting your brand awareness, organic content gives you something that both PPC and social tend to lack. Due to the more commercial nature of the tools, authoritativeness and authenticity. Online users can dislike promoted or paid content. Good SEO content will speak the same language as your audience, feeling less intrusive than a sponsored search.

Good SEO leads to a better user experience.

Great content, a better understanding of your user and a positive impact on brand awareness are some of the attractive benefits of adopting an SEO strategy.  However, one of the most salient points of a great modern SEO process strategy is to improve the user experience of your website. In 2022, your website is your online real estate, and it needs to look and feel like your physical store.


Does providing the best possible user experience ever eliminate timely and well-written content? I bet that once again, SEO will dispel your doubts.  Evolving, always changing into something different.  But still finding a way to stay central to all brands’ digital marketing budgets.  According to Google Search Coordinator John Mرller, search engines will never grow to the point where SEO is no longer needed.

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