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Sleep Starts With Choosing The Right Mattress

A good night’s sleep is critical to maintaining mental and physical health. But it becomes difficult to get that restful sleep if you are not sleeping on a mattress that is ideal for you. However, it can become overwhelming to choose the right mattress, as there are myriad choices of mattresses on the market. Before you buy a mattress online from retailers like Wakefit, here is a guide to help you make the process of picking the best mattress easy. 

Start With Determining Your Sleep Needs

  • Sleep Positions: How do you end up sleeping? Stomach, back, side, or a combination of all? Do you prefer to sleep on a softer or firmer mattress? The answers to these questions are critical, as your preferences and sleep positions help in deciding the comfort and support you need from the mattress.
  • Lifestyle: The kind of lifestyle you have plays an essential role in picking the best mattress bed mattress. For instance, if you are someone who is active and is into exercise or sports, you need extra support for the muscles to recover and rejuvenate. If you work from home, especially from your bed, then you should choose a mattress that has support and comfort. Another factor to consider when picking a comfortable mattress for yourself is the weight, as it has a bearing on the feel, support, and sinkage. Plus, a mattress feels different to a lightweight person when compared to a heavier or average-weight person.
  • Health issues: If you have specific health issues like allergies, joint pain, back discomfort, etc., you should buy a mattress that can address those issues. For instance, an ortho mattress is a great choice for people with back or joint issues, as it can help reduce pain by providing excellent support. If you are suffering from allergies, a latex mattress is ideal, as they are allergen resistant with their natural hypoallergenic properties.     
  • Mattress dimensions: Lastly, pick the right mattress size. If you sleep with a partner or a child, you should pick a larger bed. If you have an average bedroom, ensure that there is enough space around it so that it does not overwhelm the room. The size of the mattress affects your sleep quality, as choosing a smaller size when sleeping with a partner means sleep disturbances for both. So choose the size as per your needs as well as the space available. Common mattress sizes are single, double, queen, and king-size. Many manufacturers also offer custom-size mattresses.

Types of Mattresses

  • Spring mattress: This is the most popular type of mattress and is made of springs and coils that provide support. These are topped with layers of cushion to provide comfort. These come in many firmness levels, are great as a back sleeper, front sleeper, or side sleeper mattress, and are available online. But these are not ideal for people with back pain, as they do not contour as per the body shape. 
  • Latex mattresses: These are made from rubber sap that is synthetic or natural and are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. These are responsive and offer less sinking and more bounce. It comes in many firmness levels and is a good choice as an eco-friendly mattress. It is also durable and can last for many years. 
  • Memory foam mattresses: These are made using dense foam that conforms to the shape of the body and offers equal weight distribution. It gives great pressure relief and is ideal for people with joint and back issues. But it retains heat so one should opt for a cool mattress that has good air circulation. 
  • Grid Mattress: A grid mattress is a unique mattress that offers different support as per specific body parts. It gives a luxurious and soft feel to the hips and shoulders while giving firmer support to the back. 
  • Ortho Mattress: It is a mattress that is designed to provide a firmer surface for sleep. It provides targeted support to the joints and back, helps alleviate back pain and also gives better spinal alignment. 

Firmness Levels

The firmness of the mattress has a great impact on your quality of sleep. To determine what is the best option for you:

  • Know the firmness ratings: The firmness is rated from 1 to 10, with 10 being the firmest and 1 being the softest. The firmness level that suits you depends on sleep preferences, body shape, and weight. A mattress that is too firm leads to pressure points and discomfort and one that is too soft does not offer support to the spine. 
  • Based on sleep position: A side sleeper is better served by a soft mattress as it cushions the hips and shoulders. A back sleeper should choose a medium-firm mattress for spinal support. A stomach sleeper should go for a firm mattress to prevent the hips from sinking.
  • Personal preferences: Apart from sleep position, the feel you prefer influences the firmness level. If you like a soft sensation on the body, choose a lower firmness level. If you like a firmer feel, choose a higher firmness rating. But the best choice is a medium-soft firmness level, as it is comfortable mattress with good support that suits irrespective of the body type, sleeping position, and preferences.  

Determine the Budget

Before you start shopping, it is essential to set a budget, as the price can vary depending on the mattress type. For instance, a latex mattress price or an orthopaedic mattress price is slightly higher compared to a spring mattress. But it offers a great deal of benefits that cannot be sidelined. You may be tempted to buy a cheap mattress online but since it is a long term investment, opt for a high-quality mattress. You save money because of its durability and better sleep quality.

Other things to consider

  • Return policies and warranties: Return policies give you a chance to give back or swap a mattress if it does not suit your preferences. Having a warranty protects you from defects and damage to the mattress. So read through the terms and conditions when buying a mattress online. 
  • Trial Periods: Many brands offer trial periods to test the mattress, which can be up to 100 nights. This gives you a chance to feel the mattress and make sure it suits your needs. 
  • Opt for a reputed brand: Check the track record of the mattress brand and also the customer support before the purchase. Also, read through the reviews and feedback of other users and compare different products to make an informed decision. 

Choose a mattress online based on your sleep preferences and needs, as that can have a positive impact on your sleep quality and overall health. Read through the above guide and do thorough research before you buy a mattress online. With the best quality mattress, you get better sleep and a happier life. 

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