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Water Purifier: Know The Maintenance Tips Of Your Machine

We all are aware that the water you are having has contaminants within it. The increasing pollution in the water has nowadays become one of the main issues in our lives. But, unfortunately, so many people are not aware of this as well.
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And they end up drinking impure water. When you drink impure water, it directly causes harm to your body. That is why experts and we recommend you to drink only purified water.

However, a lot of people now understand the importance of using a water purifier. But they do not understand or know how to keep their water purifier well maintained. Well, that is a matter of concern. If you want your machine to work properly, your machine needs to be taken better care of. Without that, your water purifier will lose efficiency and may not work the way it should serve you.

Are you not aware of how to maintain the water purifier? Well, we are here to deal with your concern. In this blog, we shall briefly discuss how you can maintain your water purifier.

The Importance Of Cleaning The Water Purifier

Before we begin talking about maintenance tips for the water purifiers, we would love to let you know the importance of cleaning or maintaining the water purifier. Moreover, if you face any problem regarding the machine, you can always take help from the water purifier service as well.

  • The water purifier can resolve all the contaminants from your regular tap water. And provide you with fresh water to drink. However, if you do not maintain your purifier or service it regularly, you will drink contaminated, unsafe water
  • Drinking purified water can aid in keeping your health fit and strong. And can keep your heart, kidneys, liver functioning well.
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    Also, it can prevent gastrointestinal diseases. So, you should always keep the water purifier. Otherwise, your water purifier will not be able to keep you fit and away from diseases
  • Furthermore, drinking pure water keeps your skin, hair, and eyes well protected. If you fail to clean or service your water purifier, your hair and skin can become rough and look dehydrated
  • Drinking contaminant-free water can be benefitted for one’s overall health. So it is always important to keep the purifier serviced regularly. Failing to do this might cause you serious issues

So, you know now how important it is to maintain the water purifier. So let us look at how you can maintain your water purifier.

RO Water Purifier Maintaining Tips

A RO water purifier is an advanced technology-based water purifier that uses a permeable membrane to filter out bacteria, dust, dirt, chemicals, and other contaminants and provides you 100% pure water for consumption. So it is understood that after using it for a while, your machine gets clogged with contaminants, and servicing becomes a need. In this regard, taking help from the RO service will prove good for you.

To keep your RO water purifier well maintained, the filters need to be changed on a regular basis. The sediment filter and the carbon filter need to be replaced in 6/7 months or once a year. Furthermore, the most important part of the RO water purifier, the RO membrane, should be changed at least once a year or as per your requirements.

If you see any leakage, do not hesitate to call the RO service center and take their help. Also, you can take the Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) to be free of hassle.HD movies download from Movierulz Page

UV Water Purifier Maintenance Tips

The UV water purifier uses UV or ultraviolet rays to disinfect your regular water so that you and your family can drink water without impurities. This water purifier can also give you 100% pure water.

To maintain your UV water function well, the parts of the filter need to be changed. The UV lamp is one of the important parts of the purifier. The lamp needs to be changed once a year or as per your requirements.
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The UV quartz sleeve keeps bacteria and microorganisms away from the water, so it must be cleaned annually. And the UV quartz sleeve needs to be replaced every 2 years. Changing the pre-filters is also important and do it once a year.

If you see any problem with your water purifier, do take help from the service provider. And check from drip and leakages. Sanitizing the water tank is also necessary. Do it once a year.

How often you need to service your water purifier depends on your area’s water and how much your water purifier cleans contaminants. Do test the water in your area and buy a purifier of your need. And do maintain it irrespective of all the purifiers.


The maintenance of the water purifier is needed for your machine to perform for a longer period. If you need help, book your appointment or call the water purifier service to get the help and enjoy the bliss and keep yourself and your family healthy.

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