The Best Way To Spend A Short Trip In Puri

This is my short story of a One day trip to Puri. 

Well, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be able to visit Puri in a single day, but the day arrived when I did.

When I was in service for four days in January of last year, I travelled to Puri with my family.

While worshipping at the temple of Seba Puri, I took a lengthy vow in the Akshay Banyan tree and hoped for a task that I had not completed.

First Part: My decision to return to Puri

Exactly three months after returning from Puri, that wish has been fulfilled. So I resolved to return to Puri to worship the Akshay Banyan tree.

Therefore as usual, I bought the ticket for Puri. The day of the journey is fixed after three months. Thus our NSN Desert Villa were booked accordingly.

However, the Fani storm wreaked destruction in Puri. So it was a near call, and thought we might had to cancel our reservation.

The fruit that I sacrificed at the time of Manat was black jam. This blackberry won’t be available once summer is over and there is no holiday ahead.

All of this resulted in a consciousness choice in which we ultimately chose to proceed with our strategy.

As a result, I planned to be in Puri on Sunday morning in order to take the Saturday night train and return by night train after doing Puja on that day.

After hearing about my intentions, one of my friends, Manish, offered to accompany me to Puri.

Because Fani was primarily at its peak at the time, many people were afraid to visit Puri. We looked to be the only two fools who had risked to go on this expedition.

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Second Part: My Train Journey To Puri

In the evening, when I was going towards Howrah station by bus, I saw that the ticket has been RAC.

We boarded the train on schedule and sat in our assigned seats. After a while, our train departed.

Among our fellow travellers were some older persons. They were unable to reach the top bunk. We agreed to give them our bottom bunk. We, on the other hand, took the initiative to sleep in the upper bunk.

Our train arrived early in the morning. I had a brief bath in a neatly organised restroom at Puri station before boarding a rickshaw to the temple.All Movies Download From Pepaream

Third Part: I arrived at the Puri temple

When I arrived at the Puri temple, I saw that there were relatively few visitors. Of all, it was all due to the storm. Fortunately, the weather had improved by then.

The temple Pandits came forward to see us in Sadalball. When we told one of the senior Pandas about our intention to worship, he set everything up for us.

We worshiped the Akshay Bot tree beautifully.

After worshiping in Puri temple, we were headed towards the gate of heaven. 

Numerous stores lined up on both sides, selling yoghurt, rubri, chana burned, and different delicacies adorned with thore.

The presence of shops offering gorgeous clothes and kitchenware on both sides of the road heightened my enthusiasm.

All of this enchanted me and I didn’t realize when I came to the beach.

We were standing in front of the water when we came to after hearing the roar of the waves.

The beach is being battered by large waves. The sun was significantly higher in the eastern sky at the time. The golden tint of the lovely reflection of the colourful sun has been wrapped up by the seawater.

Everything soothed our senses in some way. It was an auspicious and enjoyable experience.

It was breakfast time, so we gorged ourselves on scalding hot excellent fried kachories.

Last Moments Of Our Short Trip

After that, we headed to the NSN Desert Villa, where we put our baggage, charged our phones, and went to our favourite tea shop.

We spent the most of the day lounging here admiring the sea views before returning to the hotel for a hearty meal.

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Shortly after the evening came, we left for the station with our bags, mobile etc. to catch the train to return home. 

And this is how my one day trip to Puri ended……………..

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